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NCIS "Choke Hold" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I don't know about you guys, but I loved this episode. I'm surprised that they are already coming back to the big bad guy, but it seems to me that they are doing it slowly and that's different. Most of the time, they've wanted to have a big opener and wait until the season finale to return to the story.

Not to mention that I love the new agent! I instantly liked her. The minute we saw her, I knew she'd be more important then just a passing flirting thing with Tony and it looks like that wish may come true. It's about time Tony has a romance again and hopefully one that will lead more to something then the past ones. Not that I didn't love Tony and Ziva, but they never really gave us anything with that. 

NCIS was never shy about some of how their crime scenes ended up and this one probably is close to the top for one of the most disgusting and disturbing ones. I'm shocked that they could show something like this and thank goodness you only saw it once. The lady that died, was alive at first, which was creepy. But slowly being strangled to death. Then finally, her head popped off. Yep, pretty disgusting. 

Who is doing this nasty business? They figure out that there's a hit woman on the lose and is after a girl named Nelly from Russia. Who doesn't want to return to Russia with the counselor. Remember him? He is so not to be trusted, but since they don't have any proof, they can't do anything about it yet. 

For a split second, I thought that the new agent, Leia, was bad when she just killed Nelly when she pulled a gun on the Russian counselor! But it was all a trap to make the counselor think that he had gotten what he wanted, Nelly dead. I'm so glad Leia didn't turn bad, but Tony wasn't thrilled that he wasn't let in on the plan or was he? Aw the same old Tony is back and I've missed him like crazy. He did know about the plan. He just wanted to pretend like he didn't to Leia, which resulted in him realizing he has a type. Well, duh, I could have told you that. But it was still fun and I can't wait to see what their relationship turns into.