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NCIS "Kill The Messenger" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

After the exciting opener, it's back to normal cases for the team. They also decided to hang the new bad guy up on the wall. I just hope that they don't take forever, though I have a feeling they might, to bring up the bad guy again. This show tends to do that, so I guess I shouldn't hold my breath for anything.

The case this time is a Navy Lieutenant is killed who ended up being on his way to the President to reveal something big that his girlfriend stumbled upon.

What a switch for the team. Normally it's Tony that's automatically assuming it's the wife and not McGee. Since it was the other way around, I found it odd and towards the middle of the episode, I thought that perhaps McGee was gonna be right for once. But I guess I should have known that if Tony didn't suspect anything from the wife, then that should have been a clue right then.

But all signs kind of did point to the wife. Not only were she and the lieutenant on a trial separation, but he was also having an affair with someone who he was planning on marrying when he left his current wife. 

It was all because of what the girlfriend found that the lieutenant got killed and it was Tolson who ended up killing the lieutenant who was on his way to talk to the President of the United States who actually called the lieutenant's phone while they were bagging everything up! That part had to be my favorite. Poor Tony, answered the phone and mouthed off to the President! His face was like "Oh man, I am gonna get in so much trouble".

Not all of it was just a normal case, though. Something odd was going on with Vance. Not only was he answering mysterious phone calls, he would excuse himself and then he was talking to Ducky and that put up a red flag right there. Gibbs was worried too. Everything worked out fine and thank goodness because that family did not need to go through something else. Vance thought he had a serious illness, when in fact, it turned out to be something that looked like it, but wasn't it. Thank goodness!

Finally, could there be a love interest for Abby? I would like one for Tony again, but Abby hasn't had one since McGee and so it's about time she has something happy happen to her. It seems like feelings are returned when she meets the policeman that's helping with the case. But Abby worries that he's too good looking. Is there such a thing? According to Abby there is, but I hope it works out for her. Though, I did sense a little jealous vibe coming from McGee when Abby walked the officer out of the building. I still love McGee and Abby, but that doesn't seem to be coming to anything any time soon. And speaking of McGee, he seems to have girlfriend issues himself. Not break up kind, but it's hard to maintain a long distant relationship, especially when they are in completely different time zones. But boy did Tony learn his lesson when he answered McGee's phone and really upset Delilah. That was not a pretty picture indeed and boy did he get his ear chewed up because of it!

I also feel that however long it's been since Ziva left, that the characters are finally getting back to themselves. Mainly Tony. I forgot how much I missed that version of Tony. Everybody though, has gotten back to themselves. It's nice to have that again.