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NCIS: LA "The 3rd Choir" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This show is not being lazy. It seemed like right after they finished their season finale and season premiere story lines, they had another amazing story to pick up from and even if it's just a filler episode, they have such amazing action and a story line that's interesting to keep my attention. Keep up the great work, writers! So, let's talk about this amazing conclusion on who was after Hetty. Mattias was, but was he also the leak? I was confused by that and wondering if they were the same or if it was someone else and that's later to be revealed.

Hetty up and walking out of the courtroom was probably the best part of the whole episode. She had had enough and wants to badly protect her team when she learns who's after her. But she should have taken Vance's advice and stayed in Washington because she has no idea what danger she is in when she comes home. Only Hetty would make an exit that big and get away with it because of all the friends she has in high places. That jump out of the window was pretty awesome, too.

Back home, Callen is going crazy trying to search for Mattias and almost to the point of not thinking clearly. But Hetty is the closets thing he has to family, so of course he's a bit panicked. Though I do have to admit I was a bit worried about him, too. He decided to put all these people in danger all because he wanted to flush out Mattias. Ok, I'm sure Callen wasn't planning on putting more people in danger, but the people who wanted this jerk too, would put things in their own hands and it just ended badly. More deaths to add to Mattias name. It eventually works, though. Sort of.

Well, before I get to the awesome conclusion of them storming Ops, let's talk about Nate! Yep, Nate returns to help Nell through her first killing. She's not in the best state and if it's anybody that can get Nell out of her funk, it's Nate and Nate works his magic once again. Not only did Nell get out of her depression, she's also the one that helped save the day when Mattias decided to walk in on Ops. The scene at the end was just amazing. Nell trying to protect Hetty, then walks in the Wallace who has no clue that they have been comprised and almost gets killed herself. But I actually started to like Wallace because she tried to save Hetty. In the end, Sam, Callen, Deeks and Kensi all arrive and take Mattias down.

Aside from the amazing story and action, there was some humor still. Which is what I also love about the show. No matter how serious the situation is, they still find some time to lighten the mood a little bit. The best was when Wallace hits on Sam and asks him out! I'm with Callen, did not see that coming in a million years. It was funny, though and Sam was not enjoying it much. I'm sure that's something Sam will be teased about for a long time.