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NCIS: LA "Deep Trouble: Part 2" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Previously on NCIS: LA, Sam and Callen got trapped in a submarine. With the bad guys on one side of the door and them on the other with no way out. It was probably one of my favorite cliffhangers of last season. However, with who were trapped inside, I had no doubt in my mind that they would get out. I just didn't know how they would get out.

And perhaps I should have been a bit worried toward the end when they realized that they were in the thing that would be the bomb and that the bad guys on the other side of the door were actually suicide terrorists which isn't a good thing. Not to mention that they now have an actual missile heading toward them because the CIA or someone like that found out and want to destroy the thing no matter who's on board.

Not only do they have to figure out a way to get out, but the team on land is also trying frantically to not have the missile launch and kill their friends on board. 

Aside from that, the continuation of the Kensi/Deeks/Tailia love tringle, feud, whatever you wanna call it was pretty epic even if it was the second time around and more so now that Kensi is back. All the stares and little jabs at each other ended up with Kensi and Tailia having a full on fits fight! No not in front of Deeks, thank goodness. If he was, I would have had a feeling he would have eaten that right up and would have probably never let Kensi forget it. But after that and after working together, they become friends. Weird yes, but still pretty awesome whenever they are around Deeks. The little whispers drive him nuts! Too funny. I guess you could call them the comedy relief part of the episode while all this major drama of is Sam and Callen gonna make it out alive thing.

In one word, yes they do. I was so happy when you saw them pop out of the water right after the missile hit the submarine. Of course, I also loved the brief, but awesome Densi (Deeks/Kensi) moment. There was a small one, but I saw it. 

Hetty ended up blowing off her Washington trip the minute she heard Sam and Callen were in trouble. I have a feeling this will not help the situation for her at all, but I love the fact that she cares more about her team then pleasing her boss. 

The question is now, what's the story line for the rest of the season? I'm sure they want everything to cool down first and I'm not too worried about the writers of this show. They are pretty awesome, so I'm sure we will have one in no time.