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NCIS: LA "Inelegant Heart" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The writers of this show are amazing! I was a little nervous about the story line, but not anymore. It's funny, all the episodes that I've watched that are in their third week already, have blown my mind and this one is no exception. Not only does it start what appears to be an amazing story line, but it puts our beloved Hetty into danger and she doesn't know it yet.

Their new case just seems like a normal catch the bad guy case. Until one of those lovely twists at the end show us it was hardly just that. I love twists like these. I did not see it coming and twists like these make me love shows more. 

Ok, it starts out kind of funny. The "mail man" who ended up being a robber found a dead body in the house he was robbing! Who's the dead body and why would they want to kill an seemingly innocent enough nerd? His sister had no clue who because he hardly had any contact with anybody.

As it turns out, the victim found out the real identity to this big crime site and that guy ordered the hit on the victim! We did eventually find the true guy behind it all and he was smuggling stuff out of his warehouse. But like I said there's a twist coming.

Eric and Nell were looking through the files on the site and found one that was in code. They decoded it and it leads to Hetty! They have a leak, but who is it? Next week, we may find out more or the whole truth, depending on how long they want to keep the story line going.

Oh, also, while Hetty is away in Washington, the guy in charge of the hearing sends some big head boss guys to the place in LA! Do they think it's better to do that when Hetty isn't around? 

It was pretty amazing and the minute I saw the preview for the new episode, I knew it must be bad since Vance has to make a visit! Haven't had a character from NCIS on the LA one in a while, so that'll be nice, but hopefully it'll end happy and not sad.

The amazing Deeks and Kensi moments. So glad they've gotten back to themselves again. The minute Hetty said to Granger "Remember to tell Nell that this is an old building", I knew it had to be a code and it was and one that Eric apparently knew about too. It was just funny and cute and I really like the fact that Nell has become Hetty's like right hand lady. Oh and the code Eric called to get Sam and Callen out of the case was hilarious! But I'm not sure if I'm really diggin' the hair on Callen. Hopefully it was just for their case.