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NCIS: LA "Praesidium" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

 The whole thing at Washington was Vance's idea! All because he wants to figure out who the leak is in Hetty's work place. Why was she never informed of this? I can see where he's coming from, but does he realize the kind of danger he put her team in? 

Are Kensi and Deeks an item or just really close friends? It's hard to tell at this point. They seem all nice one minute and then one of them says something the other doesn't like and that's the end of that. This episode had plenty of awesome Deeks and Kensi moments for me, though. The first scene with them waking up on the couch, the touching scene after Kensi had to tell Wallace about her time being kidnapped and yeah, I guess you could say I was in Densi heaven during this episode.

Nell undercover as Hetty was probably by far the best part of the episode! The codes for Hetty's house must have been part of the secret plan that she gave Nell at the end of last season. I just love seeing Nell in the field. I wish she was in it more, but then again, I love seeing her in Ops with Eric, too. So, once in a while is ok. But this is the first time that she had to kill someone and man, that guy was like twice her size! Go Nell! You gotta leave it to Hetty to always have some sort of secret passageway out of her house. Pretty awesome.

Ok, I have a few theories on who the leak might be, but I have no clue if it's true. If they want to throw a huge twist at us, it could be someone we all like and love or they could be someone we don't know or hardly ever see. 

Callen has the hardest time with the whole thing about Hetty's houses being comprised. I mean, Hetty's been like a mom to him, so I can understand why he's feeling like this. 

I hope Wallace goes soon. She's really getting in the way of everything. Almost got Callen killed because she just couldn't wait to talk to Sam anymore and almost blew his cover while watching Callen. The car chase with Wallace and Sam was pretty awesome, though and more like she deserved it and finally got off Sam's back. Not to mention the rest of her employees have to talk to everybody back at the headquarters. Eric's story about losing in a computer game was brilliant and so totally him, too. But was that story real or was he just trying to buy some time? Maybe a little bit of both? At one point, the guy he was talking to, looked like he tried to hold back laughter. Was I the only one who caught that?

Now that Hetty got out of her hearing and now knows the truth, I wonder what she's going to do? Follow Vance's suggestion to stay in Washington so he can protect her or back home so she can protect her team? I won't be surprised if she does the latter of the two because that's just Hetty.