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NCIS: New Orleans "Breaking Brig" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I guess the saying is true, "3rd time is the charm". Because I feel like this episode was the best out of the other ones I've seen. It had a very interesting case that took unexpected turns and I love those cases. Even if we don't totally have a story line for a basis of the show, yet, it was still one that grabbed my attention.

I do wish however, that Gibbs had more of a part in it like the commercials made it seem to think. Though I do understand that they are trying to make the show stand on it's own now, but still. I was expecting him to be in a few more scenes, not just two. But it was cool to see him and Pride work together again.

The case is a that a prison bus crashes and 3 prisoners escape. Here's the kicker, though, the major bad guy you think is the major bad guy, turned out to not be the true bad guy. I love twists like that. Nash, ended up being the true bad guy. I was not expecting that and I don't think they were either because at first, he seemed to be the shield for the true bad guy. So, it came as quite a shock when Nash turned on the guy and killed him in cold blood! It was a bummer too, because this kid seemed good. It all happened suddenly, like bam, he wanted to be bad and he was really bad.

Now that they figured that out, it's just a matter of finding him before he finds someone else and kills more people. Man, this guy was really scary too. But it's nice to see that Pride is like Gibbs, and always protects his team no matter what. And that meant having to kill their only lead on their investigation and Vance was not a happy camper to say the least. Now we know where Gibbs got his protecting the team part from. If it wasn't for Pride, Brodie would have died.

Brodie is now trying to figure out how to separate her work life and home life, but she realizes at the end, that that won't always happen and that maybe, just maybe, her work life and home life will become one. Which is what Pride was trying to teach her. It's not the place that makes the home, it's the love and people that make the home. Another thing I could picture Gibbs saying. I can totally understand why Gibbs respects Pride so much.

It was a promising episode that made me hooked to watch a few more to see how the show goes. Not sure if it is one that will lead to more seasons or not. That's up to the viewers to decide.