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NCIS: New Orleans "It Happened Last Night" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Agent Fornell! You know an episode involving him has gotta be good and fun and it did not let me down. Quite an interesting case, though. Went down a bunch of different paths and I got part of it solved towards the end, just not all of it and it still somewhat surprised me.

This poor lady. Her husband dies because he was trying to protect her. But she ended up getting kidnapped and now her brother, who she hasn't spoken to in years, has to be the one to get the money, etc. 

All along something felt off about the case. I was thinking that for sure, it was the brother and the lawyer in on it together because the brother needed his trust fund money and he couldn't get it yet and he never liked his sister's husband, so that would explain the murder.

But it didn't go down like that at all. In the end it just ended up being the lawyer who needed the money and all the husband was trying to do was protect his wife. There was a nice brother/sister reunion with the two when they  finally found the sister, so hopefully that'll help with that situation. She'll probably need her brother now more then ever to get through a tough time.

The banter with Brodie and Chris was the best! Totally reminded me of something Tony would do to either McGee or back in the day, Ziva. I still feel that Brodie and Chris have a small flirting going on as well. If it'll ever turn into something, who knows, but it's still fun to watch. One of the main reasons why I love the show so much. Their banter this week was that Chris pretended that an old friend of Brodie's spilled some major story, but that was something he said to get actual stories out of her. In the end, he never even got a story out of their friend. But Brodie knew that and played right into it. Man, she's smart. She knew immediately to call the friend to see if what Chris was telling was true and when she learned it wasn't, all those juicy stories Chris thought he was getting, weren't actually true. Well played there Brodie.

Fornell. Where to begin. Pride knows how to bribe him, with food. It was funny seeing them interact with each other. And I love how they are bringing old and new agents to this show. I wonder who they will bring in next?