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NCIS: New Orleans "The Recruits" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Who knew that their new case was going to lead them to a prostitution ring? I, for one didn't and loved that unexpected twist they gave us. The other thing I loved was who was actually the head of it all and why they found their dead body to begin with.

Let's go back to the beginning when we open up on the scene to a sorority party and we find a girl who's locked in a room with the dead body. Was she the one that killed him? I figured it couldn't be that easy, but I had no idea what it was going to lead to.

The victim was a Navy seal, so that's why the team got involved. Natalie was the witness who lied to them right off the bat. I wasn't expecting her to be part of a prostitution ring. But she ended up not being the killer. Even though all signs pointed to her. The minute someone tried to kill her, though, I knew there just had to be more to the story.

There was. Blake, the Navy seal that died, was trying to get Natalie out of that life. But one of Natalie's clients started to like Natalie and bam, one of those wonderful love triangles came into play. It just ended worse then they normally do. The person that was in charge of the operation wanted to keep the client happy and so she ordered a hit on Blake and that solved that. 

Who killed Blake, though? It ended up being the campus police guy that was hitting on Brodie. I knew that it was him the minute they told us how they killed the guy and no one heard it. But who is in charge of this nasty business? It ended up being Natalie's roommate! I knew her roommate was acting odd from the beginning and was involved in it somehow, but what I didn't know is that she ended up being in charge of the whole ring! It would have been nice to know why she did what she did other then the fact to keep her client happy, but why be in charge of that kind of ring? For the money or what? Sadly, we never knew.

Pride's daughter comes to visit and she's totally awesome, to say the least. She's trying to get her dad to take this piano that she can't have anymore. He ends up finally getting it, but it took some doing on her part. He didn't want it because he didn't want to have to move it if he had to move again. I'm glad he ended up taking it and I hope we see more of his daughter again.

As of right now, Brodie is my favorite character. She's the one that has sort of stuck out at me from the beginning and in this episode, she really impressed me. The fight scene was awesome. Especially when Chris came in thinking he was going to have to save her. She can really take care of herself in a fight and totally reminded me of Ziva, which made me a little sad. I think I'm just getting more into the show and stuff now and as a result am starting to enjoy it more now. I'm still nervous, though, seeing as I'm not sure if it'll get renewed, but I'll keep watching until then.