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NCIS "The San Dominick" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Agent Borin is back! While they are in the middle of training on a ship, Gibbs sees a man overboard and tracks it to another ship. Little do they know, that ship is being held hostage.

Aside from having an amazing season premiere, the episodes haven't been that great for the new season. But this one stuck out from the rest, making it an enjoyable one for me. Not only did it put Gibbs in danger, again, but it had a good story line and action and I never saw who the bad guy was. Lately, it seems like I've been able to predict shows and that isn't fun for me. 

While Borin and Tony are trying to help get Gibbs back in one piece, let alone the other hostages as well, that leaves McGee in charge back home who says that he hates it, but I think he secretly loved it. Abby told him several times that he was turning into a mini Gibbs, but he never once believed them. I didn't see it at first, but then it slowly dawned on me that he was. Maybe it was the fact that he walked off the elevator with a cup of coffee in his hands. Or maybe it was because he decided to add his own rule! Well, whatever he did, he impressed Tony. But I don't think McGee will jump at the chance for being the boss again. Even though I think he did a pretty good job.

Gibbs is so smooth with his hand. Never even saw him disarm the bomb that was hidden on the ship (well they found it, obviously) and that's why he remained so calm even when it was just seconds from blowing up. However, Tony did not remain calm. Borin wasn't too calm either, but it was just funny when they all realized what Gibbs had done. The bomb wasn't left there by the pirates, though, it was left there by the Captain who is actually the one that stole the money that the pirates were after! 

As it turns out the same pirates that came after the Captain did the same thing a long time ago. I guess this was revenge or just all part of the plan. Either way, the Captain had his own plan cooking all along and no one knew about it. He's the one that killed the guy in the beginning too. 

Ellie couldn't believe that she failed the test at the beginning. McGee and Tony both told her multiple times that no one ever passes, except for Gibbs because he's well, just Gibbs. Because of her failing, I guess she thinks her punishment is to be sent back home to work with McGee. I don't think it was a punishment. Like the guys said, no one ever passes the test. But she wouldn't let it go that she failed. It's probably one of those things that keep you sharp because once you fail something you probably should have passed (even if no one does), it'll keep you alert the next time and you'll remember what you did wrong.