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NCIS "So It Goes" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Once I found out this was a Ducky themed episode, I was pretty excited. It's been a while since we've had a themed episode and especially one on Ducky and it did not disappoint, either. In fact, it made me more excited about the season to come. 

The flashbacks were awesome and I loved the actor they got to play young Ducky. Once we met Maggie in the flashbacks, you could immediately tell that Ducky and her and feelings for each other, but Maggie decided to go with Angus. 

Angus, is the supposed victim, but Ducky realizes that it wasn't him who was in the car. Why? Because Jimmy pointed out that the two front teeth were real and they should have not been real. How did Ducky know that? Well, because he and Angus got into a fight (yep, over Maggie) the last time they saw each other and ducky knocked out the teeth. So, where is Angus?

Sadly, Angus did end up dying. Ducky found that out when he took a trip with Ellie to London to try to locate him. Only then did they uncover what the real truth was behind the killings. All the deaths Abby found, weren't accidents. Like I thought they would be. But cover ups instead.

Garrett, Angus' assistant ended up being the bad guy and Ducky and Maggie got into some trouble there. My question was, was where was Ellie that whole time? I thought it was weird that during the trip, she was hardly with Ducky. Though I still feel like her character is getting better or maybe I'm just getting more used to her. Garrett killed these guys because they were coming close to realizing about the smuggling ring that was going on. 

Touching scene at the end with Ducky and Maggie. Could Maggie finally take Ducky up on his offer to come to the states with him? We didn't get that answer, but it'd be nice to know that. It'd be cute if Ducky found his true love after all this time.