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Once Upon A Time "Rocky Road" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Rocky Road is the jolt this show needed. Not that I haven't enjoyed Elsa coming into Storybrooke, but now there's a mystery surrounding the Snow Queen. How does she seem to be connected to everybody but they don't remember it?

It doesn't take long to discover that someone else has powers like Elsa in Storybrooke, but the hard thing is, is trying to convince everyone else that it's not Elsa who did it. At the beginning, I knew it was the ice cream shop owner. Especially when they said that her ice cream hasn't melted when the power went out. How could that possibly be? It just takes the rest of the team a while to figure out who else is like Elsa.

In the fairy tale world, Elsa learns of a device that can trap her so she doesn't endanger her friends and family anymore. Hans wants it. Another amazing casting choice. Totally nailed it. Kristoff going to see Hans for the first time was funny. "Man, he wasn't kidding when he said he had 12 brothers". Eventually, Elsa finds the container, but so does Hans. However, that's when we realize that the Snow Queen was true and that they have met before because she's the one who ended up saving Elsa from getting trapped. Well, we know that eventually Elsa does get trapped and I'm sure that'll be filled in later on. But how is it that Elsa doesn't remember the Snow Queen? Seemed to have a pretty good bond. Especially when we learn that Elsa's related to her. Though I wonder if she was just saying that to try to bond with Elsa or if it's really true. But I guess that could answer the question as to why Elsa was born the way she was born.

I'm not totally sure if Regina can be trusted. Maybe it's just me that feels that way and I would hope she wouldn't have another plan up her sleeve with taking the heart, just because if something were to mysteriously happen go to Marian after she got better, could be linked to something Regina did. I just hope it doesn't go that way since I think that would blow things with Robin. Guess only time will tell on that one.

Mary is in full swing as the new mayor and was it just me or did it seem like Regina didn't like the fact that she is taking over? If Regina wants the job again, she should just say it. The meeting she called didn't go quite as plan, but I think Mary will be a good mayor, she just needs to ask for help and isn't wanting to. She doesn't want to let her people down and not miss a minute of her sons life. All because of what happened with Emma where she missed almost all of her life growing up.

Rumple confuses me. Does he have the real dagger or not? I thought for sure he had put it back, but every time they use it, they say it's a fake. Rumple knows more about Elsa, but won't say. Big surprise there. He's trying to make everybody think he's not bad anymore, but all lies must come to the light somehow and I think his will eventually. 

Emma is determined to clear Elsa's name and goes to search for the Snow Queen herself. But little does Emma know, that Hook will disobey her orders to protect Elsa and go looking himself and that doesn't turn out too well. Let's just say, that Emma has to use her amazing magic powers to save everyone when they all run into the Snow Queen who then drops the bomb on Emma letting her know they've met before. 

Let's not forget about Will! I never watched the Alice and Wonderland series, so I don't know where that left him or how important he is to the series itself. But he becomes a pretty important character in helping them realize who the Snow Queen is. 

Oh Robin, I'm surprised it took almost the whole episode for him to admit why the kiss didn't work and why no one else even thought of why it didn't. Or maybe they did and they didn't want to speak of it in front of everyone. Of course a true loves kiss didn't work because Marian isn't the true love. They think that's what will cure the spell that the Snow Queen put on Marian. If that won't break the curse, what will? Will they ever get the Snow Queen to reverse the spell or is Marian's true love in Storybrooke somewhere and they haven't found him yet? Either way, this episode made me a little more excited about the rest to come because I wanna know how the Snow Queen seems to know everybody, but they don't remember her.