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Once Upon A Time "White Out" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The new season is getting off to a slow start. Am I the only one who thinks that? I am liking that they've changed up Frozen a little bit and made it to where it's more of a sequel, but other then that, hasn't been too exciting, yet. Hopefully that'll change soon.

It's a small world in the Enchanted Forrest. I would love to know how David and Kristoff know each other and it sounds to me that they are the best of friends. That's who Anna stayed with, was David. This was way before he was a prince. One big clue, his mom was there and not to mention the long hair. Anna is the one who in fact taught David to sword fight to stand up to evil Bo Peep. Yep, the Once writers decided to turn Bo Peep evil and her staff is her "magic wand" in a way and that's what charms people into becoming her "sheep". If they don't obey her, then they have to work for her. Anna, being the happy, positive person she is, is determined to teach David how to sword fight in just one day, mind you. It does happen, though. David ends up having to use it even though he still refused to. Anna is the reason why he had to. She got kidnapped by Bo Peep and yeah, David saves her and pretty much goes from there.

Back in the real world, Emma and Elsa are trapped in a barricade of frozen ice that Elsa created so that no one could escape thinking it would be easier to track down her sister that way. Little did she know, it would end up knocking the lights out for the entire town and people would come to investigate it. But through all this, we learn that Elsa is a friend, not a foe. A friend I think, that would be good for Emma, since they seem to have a lot in common.

Aw Hook, seeing the sweeter side of you is nice. He was more worried for Emma then David seemed to be or David just knew how to keep calm under pressure better. 

David realizes that he knew Anna and is able to help Elsa control her powers so that her and Emma can get out and get Emma to safety. Well, that crisis is solved, but there's still more at hand.

Like the fact that the power is out and everybody elects Mary as the new mayor since Regina suddenly doesn't want to be the mayor anymore. Mary was pretty awesome when they were all coming undone with her. The line "Buy a flashlight" was pretty amazing. I mean, they were being kind of needy. They've gotten pretty used to the "today" electronics and have forgotten that they never ever had them before and lived just fine without them. Mary ends up realizing that the machine just needed "feeding" as she put it and then there was light!

Poor Henry has no clue why his mom, Regina, wants to shut him and everybody out at the moment. He actually decides to give up, which is so unlike him and doesn't want to do anything, either. Which makes everybody start to worry. But thanks to something David said, it made Henry think twice about giving up and decided to go to Regina and not take no for an answer and she finally let him in! Oh happy day! Regina on her own, you never know what kind of magic or trouble or both she'll get into.

Now that Elsa realized that she can control her magic somewhat, she tries to take down the wall, but it won't come down, why? The only reason it won't come down is because there has to be somebody else in the town with her power. That was nice twist they threw at us. One that will hopefully "warm" up the rest of the season.