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Person Of Interest "Brotherhood" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Aw, Person Of Interest, this is why I love your show so much. You always throw these unexpected twists at us. And this episode was no exception. I was thinking it was just another protect the number kind of case, but I was wrong.

Not only was Lennox, the police lady that was helping John protect the kids bad, but it ends up that they had the true bad guy all along! Of course, it did remind me of when they first caught Elias, but still, it was an unexpected turn of events that made me love the show even more, if that's at all possible.

The poor kids. They stole the drug money, which wasn't that smart of them, since now they have the drug dealers after them and they will stop at nothing to try to get their money back. But they stole the money because they want to get their mom out of jail! 

The team has a hard time keeping up with the kids. Mainly because they have a ton of street smart and know how to get away quickly. John eventually finds them and gets help from Lennox, who he doesn't know is bad. The minute that she was gone too long in their hiding place, I knew something was up. That's the only part of the show I could predict though. 

Malcolm, the older brother, wants to protect his sister as best as he knows how, which means he thinks that going to work for the gang is the answer. Thank goodness John gets there to take his place. But he's not in his place for long. In the end, everything works out, the kids get out safe, or so they think and John helps them get a lawyer. 

The deal was to stay away from the kids, but Malcolm made a good impression on the gang to where they don't want to give up recruiting him. So I doubt this is the last time we will see these kids. Loved the reveal at the end that showed that Shaw had the true head leader the whole time. However, they don't know they had the boss guy the whole time. I'm sure they will find out soon, but man, that was a shock. It made sense, though, once they told us that, why they did all the stuff they did, but still. Wow. Was not expecting the outcome to come like that. It seems that perhaps this is another small story line and I can't wait to see it pan out.