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Person Of Interest "Wingman" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Fusco gets his chance to shine in more ways then one in the new number of the week. Since everybody is busy with their own side stuff, Fusco is the one that has to be in charge of the new number. Well, mainly because Fusco doesn't have a great way with the ladies. And it helps with the new number. Why? Because their new number, Andre, is a professional wingman and he is very blunt when it comes to his clients. He never beats around the bush and that drives Fusco nuts. Even he wanted to kill the guy. So is it a client or someone else that made his number come up?

John is busy trying to impress his new boss who isn't thrilled about how he handles things. He's worked alone for a long time, even when he was saving people with Harold, he was basically alone, so it'll take time for him getting used to rules and such. By the end of the episode, he really impresses his boss by closing 3 cases in one day. Almost sensed a bit of flirting between the two. Possible love interest for John? It would be nice. Haven't had one of those on the show. Just be a nice change. I was hoping for Shaw and John, but that might not happen. Unless if something does happen with the new boss, it could become a triangle. Those seem to be the thing right now.

Root enlists Harold's help in a new assignment for the Machine. But Harold has trust issues with the Machine right now and is not really willing to go through with it. Especially when he learns what they are doing. Buying guns and then selling them to gangs again? What's the point in that? The Machine knew Harold all too well and knew he'd blow up at that and make the deal go south which is exactly what needed to happen. Not only did they get the weapon (which I wonder what it'll be used for?), but they got a ton of money and come to find out Root has a bunch of money and guns! The Machine knew Harold needed it, so that's what her big plan was. I think that's what Harold needed to trust it again, hopefully.

Once we learn that Andre is afraid of his friend, I knew that his friend was involved in it big time and that Andre was a victim, not the bad guy. They used to work together and Andre witnessed his friend doing bad stuff and now has to keep him quiet. Some friend huh? Fusco and Andre both end up getting kidnapped and Shaw is their only back up. Not for long though. A case John was working ended up being tied to Andre and John came just in time to save everyone. Of course, there was a little assist from Bear.

Ok, not totally sure if I liked seeing Harold's mean side, but it made me laugh. Not in a bad way, just that it was funny watching him be like that. He did do a good job, but still it was just something that made me laugh and I wonder if we will see it again?

Fusco ended up getting the date and Andre was there to see it happen too. Is the last we will see of Andre? I guess it probably will be, but in a way I hope not. I like it when they bring numbers back to help the team out in some way. They haven't done that in a while, but when they did, I really liked it.