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Scorpion "A Cyclone" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

You know those episodes that grab your attention and make you love the show? This one was the one that did that for me.

Ok, I already liked the show, but there wasn't an episode like, wow, that was the best ever! They decided for the 3rd episode to be just that for me. I'm glad it happens this early because then I can enjoy the rest of the season. But I also hope that the rest of the episodes are just this good, if not better.

The team is trying to fit in and prove that they can be in the field and such without messing stuff up, so they are put on this test and fail miserably. So that pulls them off of any future cases until they can impress the bosses.

Walter realizes that the new case, is a terrorist attack and no one will believe him. So what does he do?  Goes to the scene of the crime to figure out what the bad guys plan was, which upsets Gallo and other people.

It was a good thing Walter gets involved, though. Because if it wasn't for him, they wouldn't have realized that there were other bombs that were supposed to go off at the same time! Which makes matters worse because Walter and his team get in a building that has one of those bombs!

You'll never guess who the bad guy was. It was the other guy that was working with Gallo on the case and he was doing it all because some file had gotten on the Internet that would have given him away that he was a mole! Poor Sylvester and Gallo, they get in a sticky situation, but go Sylvester for coming through and basically saving Gallo's life! 

In the meantime, Walter and his team are having to figure out how to defuse the bomb. Happy can't, so they try to contain the blast instead. Which leaves Walter inside with the bomb. For one second, I thought he wasn't gonna make it, but I figured a show that revolves all around him to have him die and die so soon, would be stupid. But was it just me or did Paige look like she wanted to run up to Walter when he finally emerged from the building and give him a big hug? She held it back, though, but she totally looked like she wanted to do that. It was so cute that Walter wanted all of them to go and pick Ralph up from school. I also loved it that we know why Gallo chose Walter and his team for helping Gallo out. It was because Gallo didn't get promoted, but he thinks that Walter and his team will be the big boost he needs. It's nice that we are starting to see the softer side of Gallo.