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Scorpion "Plutonium Is Forever" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

There's a fine line between smart and crazy. Looks like Mark has crossed that border. Mark is an old "friend" of Walter and the team. Friend is not the right word. More like frenemy. Even after knowing him just a few minutes, I could see why they didn't like him.

But it goes deeper then just a dislike. When they first met Mark, he and Walter bonded and not in a good way. They went into that zone where they lost touch with the world. Didn't even eat or anything. Sounds scary and Paige doesn't want Walter or her son for that matter to get into that world. Not that Mark ever met Paige's son, but it seems to be something she's worried about.

We never fully know why the rest of the team can't stand Mark. It could all be because of what he did with Walter. But we know why Happy can't stand him. Because she's the one who pulled Walter out of that state of mind and she doesn't want to do that again. Mark also knows how to push buttons on someone just right and get in their heads and yeah, it was all very creepy and interesting at the same time.

So, the reason why they have to talk to Mark is because he escapes jail and only asks for Walter. Because some plant in the city is about to blow because all the upgrades they've done to it made it throw off the calculations. But Mark had a back up plan that only he knew about. He knew that Happy would want to do a test first before they just fixed the system and he made it so that the system check would over ride and fall apart and could easily be blamed on Happy! Ugh, I just wanted to slap him in the face when Walter realized that Mark is the one who threw off the system, not Happy.

The part were Gallo walked out on the beach was pretty awesome and seemed like a James Bond type thing. Glad Mark was able to help on something. Other then that, he just made things worse. But do I sense that perhaps Happy and Toby like each other or are they just starting to become friends? Either way, it was nice that she decided to read the note that Toby gave her, since I think it helped her to calm down.

They finally were able to fix it, but not after a number spat between Mark and Walter to figure out the code to the machine they needed in order to fix everything. Hopefully this is the last time we see Mark, but it might not be. Even just one time seeing him, I wanna be done with him, but just because he was super annoying and that's the way his character was supposed to be.