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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "A Hen In The Wolf House" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This has to be the best episode ever! I already liked the show, but after this episode, I love the show! I don't know what changed about it, but something did and it was for the better. It had amazing action, a surprise new character and the reunion us fans have been waiting for.

Simmons' undercover work has gotten threatened all because Raini has stooped that low to get the device she needs in order to stay alive and get out from Daniel. Who's mystery we still don't know anything about. I wanna know how he's never aged! Anyways, as you could imagine, Coulson is angry that Raini would threaten one of his team members. But he goes through with it? I wanted to throw something at him! Though I couldn't, since it would break my TV. But still, I was very mad at him. Only for a brief second until I learned all that was going on.

Before all that happened, Hydra has already thought that they had a leak and they've sent someone in to investigate and any little thing that would be linked to a possible contact between Hydra and Shield, would result in something horrible. Poor Simmons. I still wanna know how she felt about framing her desk buddy in order to get the heat off herself, though, it didn't last too long since Raini sent the picture of Simmons like right after she did the switch. I'm surprised not one mention of Simmons' feelings on that subject was talked about. However, Simmons didn't need to worry because the lady, who I hated at first, that came in to help with Hydra was actually a plant by Coulson!

Ok, now it all makes sense. Why Coulson wouldn't go through with the deal with Raini to have Skye come and see her dad (though Skye tried super hard to make that happen) and why he seemed so calm about it. Not to mention, I'm not mad at him anymore, since he had a back up plan and apparently May was the only other one who knew about it.

The lady that was "working" for Hydra, is actually, Bobbi! A.k.a. Mockingbird! Once I found out she was good, I loved her instantly. The action scene in the hall way had to be the best. Her and Simmons worked really well together once Simmons knew what was going on.

Eventually they all get out safe and sound. But Skye has disappeared. She went to look for her dad on her own, which wasn't the smartest thing to do because now she knows who her dad is. A killer. Perhaps even worse. Ok, I don't think there's anything worse then a killer, but I don't think he's fully human. Why else would the cure from the alien work on Skye and not Coulson? I mean, that's the bomb that Coulson dropped on Skye tonight. That perhaps she isn't fully human and that's why her body has reacted differently. Her reaction was hilarious. 

Aw, the moment us fans or at least me, has been waiting for, but it only lasted one second, maybe two. What's up with that? Well, it's sort of later explained in the next episode, but still, I would have loved to have had a least a few more seconds. It was almost like, "Oh hey Fitz, I'm back" and Fitz is like "Is that really you?". Yep, pretty much it. No hug, of course that probably would have been awkward, or nothing. Just a casual "hey, I'm back" kind of thing. It was very awkward for sure, but still, would have loved for that awesome scene to have just lasted a little bit longer.

Did not see the fact that Bobbi knowing Hunter coming at all! But it's going to make for some fun and more awkward situations to come. Why Coulson would think it's ok to team up ex's, I have no clue. Maybe he's hoping it'll help them get along again. Well, not to the point of them making up, but still, it's interesting to learn who Hunter's ex is that he hated so much.

Oh, the place where Skye found that her dad was at, when she learned what he did, he was watching the whole time! Once he knew that his daughter thinks of him as a monster, he wants to kill her just like everybody else! Great dad, I could see why Coulson wouldn't want her anywhere near him. The whole team is in trouble, too. Since we aren't, or at least I'm not, entirely sure who her dad is. Oh, not to mention now, her dad is starting to work for Daniel! So not a good team, if you ask me.