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Castle "Meme Is Murder" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Ok, I think this is the only show this week that didn't have a Halloween themed episode and I missed it. I was looking forward to seeing what crazy, fun costume Castle would come up with this year and nothing. Normally this show has something that has to do with Halloween, but it didn't. Weird.

I didn't totally enjoy the episode, much either. The killer was way too dark for me. Sure, he was bullied and I understand that, but still, he was just way too creepy. 

They have a cyber killer out on the loose. One who only kills popular people on the web. Well, spoiled rich kids on the web, to be exact. So who's next on his list? That's where they try to figure out clues the kid decided to send out this time. Only they weren't real clues leading to someone, it was just teasing them. But in a way, it did help them figure out who might be next and they were on the right path.

Did the next victim listen? Nope. But it was her boyfriend the ended up getting killed. What's the killers end game? The last victim was one of Adam's (the killer) bullies in high school. Where are the last two? They have to find out where the server is of the two being trapped and whoever gets enough votes (likes) wins (i.e. doesn't die). Pretty horrible right?

Well, in the end, Kate, being a very awesome interrogator, got the location of the victims out of Adam and saved them just in time. 

The part that I loved the most about this episode was that Castle decided to become part of the Internet world and launch a web based commercial. Which turned out to not be like what he expected. Poor guy. It was an awesome commercial. All those what he thought were bloopers, ended up in the actual commercial. But that's what gets views. And it sure did.