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Castle "The Time Of Our Lives" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Once I heard that they were going to finally get married, I was super excited, but then I read the info and the minute it said that Castle gets sent to an alternate universe, I was nervous and started thinking that perhaps they didn't get married in real life, just in the alternate universe.

When the episode started and that actually happened (Castle getting sent to the alternate universe that is) and all the things that came in to play, I knew that wasn't going to be the case. But when the episode started inching towards a close, I was thinking "Wait, when's the wedding gonna happen?!". They saved the best for last and I mean the very last. The only thing I would have loved more is if they were able to invite their friends last minute, too. 

Anyways, now let's talk about that awesome episode before all of that and why the wedding actually took place. I love it how this show sometimes borders on the sci-fi end, but not totally out there. They just make you wonder "Does something like that actually exist?". Totally reminded me of when the guy from the future came and it made you wonder if time travel was possible. Along the same lines and I found myself enjoying every minute of it.

However, the alternate world did sort of remind me of the 100th episode of Hawaii Five-0, but like I said, it was still enjoyable. Everybody was switched around. They had no clue who Castle was. He was still an author, but without having met Kate, his books were horrible and didn't sell well. His mother was a big actress and Alexis, wow, she was sure different! Moved to California and had dark hair and acted completely different. Kate was the captain, who still had a thing for Castle's books, but just never said anything. Espositio and Ryan were pretty much the same except for their personal lives. Espo never had a relationship with Laney and Ryan never married. So Castle can stop doubting himself thinking everybody's life would be better off without him. 

Yeah, that was pretty much why he was sent there. The minute he touched the artifact, he was thinking "I wonder what it would be like if...." and it went from there. All of this made him realize that he doesn't want to spend another minute waiting to be with the woman he loves and that's what promoted the wedding at the end.

So I'm happy that this turned out way differently then what I was thinking and we finally got what us fans have wanted. Kate and Castle married at last. The only thing that was the same, was the venue. Everything else was different. The vows were perfect. I was half expecting something related to Castle and his memory was gonna happen like I was thinking when they decided to put it to rest a month ago, but nothing happened. Which is probably for the better. Though I hope they get back to that soon and it doesn't get shoved under the carpet for too long.