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Hawaii FIve-0 "Ho'Oma'ike (Unmasked)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

So totally wrong at thinking this episode was the jump this show needed to get back into what I loved most about it. It so could have been way better then it was. Sure, the whole thing with Jerry concluded and nothing terrible happened to him, but I was thinking and somewhat hoping, that the getting him back alive was going to be a lot harder then it actually was.

No one even knew he'd been missing. And at first, no one believed what he was saying. Well, I think Steve did, but only until he could prove if he was telling the truth. Danny just didn't believe him one bit.

However, aside from that, it was pretty awesome to see the rest of the team pick up a case and take the lead instead of Danny and Steve solving it. Not that I mind that one bit, but it was just nice to see the rest of the team have some spotlight and they were pretty good together. Though Grover doesn't understand Halloween. Seems to be the theme in shows right now. At least, the ones I've watched. There seems to be at least one character who doesn't understand what is the big deal about Halloween. I'd probably be that character, since it's my least favorite holiday, but still, it's kind of funny that in like every episode, there is someone like that. I guess to make a certain character more relatable?

Anyways, the thing that has bugged me the most and seems to bug other people as well, is the fact that the whole thing with Danny has been solved. I mean, I wanna know if Danny's brother truly was dead. That was never confirmed. And what did they do to the jerk that Danny killed? I still don't think it's right that Danny went there and kind of unlike him, too. I don't know, something about that story line seems off. Maybe it's not done yet and that's why I feel that it's off or maybe it could have been better and I was disappointed. Either way, just something about that story line is just off.

So yes, it took a while for Jerry to convince the team what was going on. But they finally get evidence to convict this jerk and get him arrested. He was hard to catch, which made it nice, but like I said, I kind of wish it went out in a different way. They could have had an amazing shoot out or something. 

The team's case was solved too. It all had to do with a very old movie that sparked the killers interest. And it all ended up being the son. Because his dad was bullied and his life was forever changed and his son think it changed it for the worse and he decided to do something about it.