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Hawaii Five-0 "Ina Paha (If Perhaps)" (100th Episode) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The only thing I would have changed about this episode, is me having read the info for it, since it gave away probably the most important part of the whole episode. Who really kidnapped Steve. Though I guess I should have figured it was going to be Wo Fat, but since I felt like that was one of the big twists, it wasn't that big of a shock when he came in. However, it was just as thrilling and exciting as I hoped it would be and something I hope the show will lead off with now.

So yes, Steve gets kidnapped by Wo Fat and his team doesn't totally know he's missing at first. Which I thought was weird, but whatever. Thank goodness it didn't take them too long to notice he was gone. Well, what really helped was that they found his car abandoned.

While all of this is going on, Steve is being tortured by Wo Fat on info on where his dad might be, which Steve has no clue. But Steve is getting drugged big time and in his dream state, everything is switched. It was pretty awesome seeing how everybody might have met differently or never would meet and how they ended up.

Like Steve was what Danny is now. Kind of the stiff, I guess and one who goes by the book and hates it when someone takes stuff into their own hands. That part was probably the part I enjoyed the most. Watching Steve see Danny do all this crazy stuff that Steve would be doing in real life. It was a little bit weird to be seeing Danny do it, though. So unlike him, but it was just fun. Kono would have gone onto a major surfing career. Chin would have stayed a cop under Steve's dad. Yep, he never died. How Steve and Danny met was that Danny is the one who ended up saving his dad. Kamekono was pretty awesome too. He in fact, was actually in prison! Jerry would have been an insane homeless dude on the street. Oh and it was awesome how they had some characters in there that are no longer on the show! What a nice touch there.

Now back to reality, how is the team going to track down where Steve is at? They eventually do, but not after an epic fight scene that was long awaited by fans. Steve and Wo Fat finally have at it. After Steve realizes the truth about what Wo Fat meant and something we've all been wondering for a while now.

It was a shock to learn that Wo Fat called Steve his brother, when we all know that Steve already had the blood tested. What in the world did he mean by that? Well, as it turns out, Dorris felt terrible about what she had done (accidentally killing Wo Fat's mother instead of his father) and putting his dad on the run, that left him abandoned. So, she decided to take him under her wing! But the agency thought that was a terrible idea and she abandoned him. At what age, he wouldn't say, but it must have been a pretty young age to have him go through all this and become the man he is today. All of that explains a whole lot now.

I'm sure now all of us are wondering, is Wo Fat truly dead this time? He seems to keep coming back to life. But with how it ended (Steve shooting him), I'm assuming he is dead. Yes, the guys finally do find Steve and I was a bit saddened to hear the fact that the drugs kind of did the trick and made Steve confused for a minute there. I hope that he can get past this and can sort out the real from the fake and that it doesn't mess with his head too much. If it does, that would just be horrible.