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NCIS: LA "Black Budget" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I have loved this season so far of NCIS: LA. If they keep doing episodes like this, then it might just make it closer to the top on my favorites list. Just another case episode, but it had an awesome story line, a bad guy I didn't see coming (I love it when that happens and it doesn't seem to happen much anymore) and amazing action where I wasn't sure how it would.

The new case is a shoot out that happens in an office. The office wasn't exactly normal. It was the Department of Defense office! So how did one guy escape and not die? Seems too likely to be true huh? Either that or this guy had some seriously good luck.

And why would this guy run away to Mexico? Is he really that scared or is there more too it then that? Road trip for Sam and Callen who get ambushed the minute they enter the country. But not by bad people, by the DEA. Who get all of Sam and Callen's weapons because them pulling in there would be bad for their case. But now that leaves Sam and Callen without anything, which is bad from the start.

The whole thing once they finally figured out where their suspect was, the house they went to was pretty funny at the beginning. All those ladies falling for Callen. He didn't exactly enjoy all that kind of attention. Well, not all of it was going to Callen, some was going to Sam. But this was just the calm before the storm. Because the bad guys come! Why would they want this suspect so badly? As it turns out, the suspect was in on it the whole time! Now it makes way more sense that he ran. Now Sam and Callen have bad guys on the inside and outside and no way out. 

Little do they know, Granger is on his way. He came at the last possible second, too. Thought that Sam and Callen were going to have to resort to something terrible, but not to worry, Granger saved them both. The first time I've ever liked Granger. Yes, it took this long for him to warm up to me. He might not be on my trusted list yet, but he's slowly making it.