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NCIS: LA "SEAL Hunter" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Sam gets arrested for murder?! You could smell "set up" at the very beginning just how, why and who had to be filled in and thanks to Granger, he got Sam out on bail. 

Compared to the last couple episodes, though, I felt like this episode wasn't its strongest. Guess they all can't be great, but still, it was a fun watch and I wanted to know who in the world would ever want to pin a crime on Sam. 

That all lead to a SEAL hunter. Yep, a guy who hunts down fake SEAL's. He was pretty hilarious, but a different kind of add to the show that I just didn't totally enjoy. Could have been just me thinking this episode was gonna go down completely different, but oh well.

Though because of finding this guy, it helped lead to the actual killer who Sam knew. It was someone he trained with while he was training to be a SEAL and someone that looked an awful lot like Sam. 

To make a long story short, the guy Sam trained with ended up being one of these so called fake SEAL's that this other guy hunted down. This is the only part of the episode I totally didn't enjoy and that I think could have gone differently. Instead of a major fight happening between them, even though my money still would have been on Sam, it ended with the guy on the floor in tears finally giving up the fact that he wasn't real. 

The part I loved most, of course, was all the awesome Kensi and Deeks moments. Like the time they were breaking into the SEAL hunter's house was pretty awesome. I do love the fact that even if they haven't stated that they are a couple, they almost seem like they are a couple. Maybe they are going by the rule "They don't ask, so we don't tell". Which is fine by me, though I would love it if we could at least get some sort of secret date from them or something just a little bit more. Hey, it's better then nothing or just teasing like they did with Tony and Ziva. It'll just have to do, for now.