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NCIS: New Orleans "Master of Horror" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Besides the Scorpion Halloween episode, I think this one is my second favorite out of the Halloween episodes. It was a little creepy, but not overly creepy with an interesting killer.

The new victim is someone that Chris and Pride knew. But she was killed in kind of a gross way. Dressed up as the lady in Dracula and left for dead in a cemetery. Interesting place to put an almost dead body.

I think I'm starting to warm up to this show. I already loved the cast, but it's taken a few episodes for me to really love it as a stand alone show. I think that's why I loved this episode so much is because I'm starting to enjoy it like that now. 

For sure, I thought the whole time that it was the dad that they found that all the evidence pointed to. But the minute we met his son, I knew something was off. I just didn't think it would go down the way it did. The kid has a Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde personality and the reason why the other personality killed was to protect him from his dad, if I got the jest of it right. Still, it was a twist I didn't see coming. But they had to get the other personality out so they could find the last kidnapped victim. This poor girl has been through a lot already, so to go through something worse is just horrible for her. Everything turned out fine, though and she was found alive. The only part that was a bit disturbing.

I don't like Halloween. So I now know to not visit New Orleans during Halloween since it's Halloween like 24/7 there. But it was still interesting to learn all that and everything else we learn about this new town each week. Brodie's costume was different, but totally suited her. However, like Brodie, I wasn't too thrilled about Chris' costume. Did I detect some jealously vibes from Chris when the Dr. (that came to help with the son) hit on Brodie? Or am I the only one who thinks there's a connection between Chris and Brodie?

Almost forgot to mention Pride's wife! Man, we are meeting his family like crazy and I actually kind of love it. Instead of it being a mystery for the whole season, we actually see his family. I like his wife and I feel like there might be some room for healing with their relationship. Also found out why they got a divorce. Because she was afraid that one day, Pride's work would come home and either do something to their daughter or to him. Makes sense since he is a cop and has many enemies. But I kind of hope that maybe we will see her again and something will bring them back together.