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NCIS "Parental Guidance Suggested" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Halloween week is upon us and when shows want to be scary and out there, they can be. This episode was no exception either. I was shocked at who the killer was at the end and creeped out at the same time because I hate cases like this. But other then the case part totally creeping me out, there was a big chunk of the episode that I hope helped out all fans.

I thought for sure that all the signs pointed to either the dad or the neighbor. Both were acting very odd and I had a feeling that the neighbor liked the mom that got murdered. To find out it was the daughter, who was only like 8, mind you, that actually killed her mom, was a total shock.

How she did all that in just a few seconds, I still wonder. And I was behind the little girl throughout the whole episode. Thinking that one of the parents was abusing her like she lead them all to believe. But she's the one who did that to herself all because every time her daddy was home, things would be better. Her mom wanted to help, but the daughter felt like her mom made her seem different and she hated that. To the point of her having enough and killed her own mom. I'm really hoping this was just all for the Halloween creepy factor and that the show isn't going down this route.

But there was a big closure that happened in this episode that all us fans needed. Who better to do the talking about the elephant in the room, then Abby? She was sweet and I hope she got through to Tony. Who even had me convinced that he was back to himself. I feel like some of it still was him. He was quoting movies and all that and stuff we haven't seen in a long time from him. But he didn't have Abby fooled. Not one bit. How awesome was the Gibbs' slap coming from Abby? I didn't know Tony was that in love with Ziva. I mean, I suspected it, but nothing ever really came out that way. I mean, he still has Ziva's necklace! 

This all came about though, when Tony met up with an old colleague of his from back in the day. I even liked her a lot more then the new agent lady we saw a few weeks ago. I haven't seen Tony act like this around a lady in a long time. The whole team noticed. It was funny them telling Abby all about it. At the end, it looks like Tony might have taken Abby's advice to heart and instead of going to the Halloween party, he decided to have a long walk with his old partner who I hope could become something more. It's about time Tony have something happy in his life.

Ellie has no clue how important Halloween is to Abby and at first was going to go to the party without a costume. Boy, would that be a bad idea! But she has to decide on something that would be good for her and her husband, who we have yet to meet and I hope it's soon, too. I'm curious how he's like. Her final costume choice at the end was totally unexpected. But I think it helped that the guys told her it's ok to be a little out there. That's what Halloween is all about.