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Once Upon A Time "Breaking Glass" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I was totally confused throughout the whole episode on how Emma's background story even went with our present day. That wasn't confirmed on how it did until the very end when Emma told Regina that she doesn't want to drop another friendship because someone lied to her that she thought she could trust.

Compared to the last couple of episode, I totally didn't enjoy this one. It was a filler episode and it sure felt like it, to me at least. I mean, we didn't get something totally worthwhile until the end when they decided to finally tell us why the Snow Queen is wanting Emma so badly.

But it was nice to see that Emma wants to try hard to patch things up with Regina who wants nothing to do with her again. I was hoping they'd get past this and become friends again because of Henry, but it looks like they might be back at square one. Even though they proved that they worked really well together after defeating the Snow Queen's snowman. And no, it's not the cute little snowman from Frozen.

So, Emma takes Elsa's advice and decides to go try to patch things up with her. While she's doing this, Elsa thinks she hears Anna's voice/sees her in the woods and follows her. Immediately, I knew something was off. Especially since they came to a river. Didn't she wonder how Anna got across so quickly where as Elsa had to build a bridge? My hunches were confirmed when at the end of the chase, the Snow Queen was revealed and wanted to trap Elsa there. The Snow Queen is building a very creepy mirror and something that will help her have what she always wanted. A family.

It was sweet that David finally got Mary Margaret out of the house and on a date since they haven't been on one in ages. Mary Margaret is having baby separation issues to the point of her almost not wanting to leave the house even though Belle seems to be an excellent baby sitter. They finally do get out and go on a little adventure and one where I was thinking for a few seconds, that David did perhaps set it up to shake Mary Margaret back to reality. But it actually wasn't. So I wonder why Will (yes, he got out of jail to go digging for something), agreed to Mary Margaret's thinking so quickly? But I guess it was all because he wanted to be pardoned and free from jail and now he's gone missing. Even though it wasn't a set up from David, it was just the wake up call Mary Margaret needed.

Now comes the shocker that made this episode really interesting. Remember the video that young Emma and her friend filmed? Well, Emma had kept the camera and filmed something of one of her foster parents house. It had the Snow Queen on it and she was one of the foster parents! She's been searching for Emma for years. But why? Now it gets interesting. What did Emma do to the Snow Queen to make her erase Emma's memories and everybody else's for that matter? Still one issue that hasn't been solved and hopefully will soon.