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Once Upon A Time "Family Business" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode was a bit better then the last one, but not by much. It was nice to see Belle at the front of the story instead of a behind-the-scenes kind of character. Her part of the fairy tale story was kind of sad, though.

After an attack on her village by Orges and waking up one morning to realize that she doesn't remember why her mom died that day, she learns of the trolls in Arnedelle and travels there, against her fathers wishes, to try to regain her memory. In the present day world, I knew immediately that she knew something about Anna. She was being very off with Elsa and the only one not wanting to help search for her. Thanks to the fairy tale story, though, it filled that in for us.

Let's hold off on that for just a minute and get back to the present day. Which has Emma showing everybody what she learned of the Snow Queen. That she knew her for a good chunk of her life and she wants to know badly, how she doesn't remember and why the Snow Queen is so interested in her. 

This is also the part where we learn that Elsa and Anna are related to the Snow Queen and actually got along. But Anna, the minute she met the Snow Queen, knew something was off and went on a search for her own and that's where she runs into Belle who's looking for the same trolls that Anna knows. That's how they know each other, but why does Belle feel guilty about something? Well, as it turns out, their trek wasn't super easy. The Snow Queen figured out what Anna was doing, did some magic and sent a storm, i.e. her and got Anna! Now we know why Belle feels like it's her fault that Anna is missing. And my question is, if Anna was locked up in the fairy tale world, does that mean that she's even in Storybrooke or is there more to the story then that?

So yeah, in the present day, Belle is trying to find the Snow Queen and undo what a terrible thing she did and thinking she had the real dagger, used it on Rumple! Who was hurt by the fact that she would even dare to think to use it. But thanks to Belle, they find the very creepy mirror that the Snow Queen made. It makes you think the worst about yourself. However, the mirror self did tell her that the dagger wasn't real and Belle didn't want to believe that for a minute.

I'm still interested to know what kind of history with the Snow Queen that Rumple seems to have. He doesn't know what she's planning, but they've obviously known each other for quite some time.

Snow Queens plans has been revealed! To make all of Storybrooke turn on each other so that Emma, Elsa and the Snow Queen are the only ones left in Storybrooke and the Snow Queen will finally have what she wants. A family. Very creepy way to go about it and I'm not sure how she will be stopped. I think she's the worst villain they've ever had. Maybe a little worse then Peter Pan or they are a tie because he was pretty horrible too.