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Once Upon A Time "The Snow Queen" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The story of the Snow Queen is finally revealed and it's um...sad and depressing. A lot like Elsa's story, with a twist. Instead of Ingrid controlling her powers, they kind of got out of hand. Which is kind of ironic with how the current story in the present world turns out.

Finally, we meet Ingrid's sisters. One super supportive of Ingrid and her powers, the other (Elsa's mom) not so much. I was actually kind of mad at her at the end. If only that would have turned out differently, then the town wouldn't be facing their most horrible villain yet. However, Elsa and Anna might not have been born, so yeah. 

I never thought Mary Margaret to be a bad parent, until this episode. Not that she's totally bad, but still, she could be doing some things a little different. She seems to be giving all her attention to the baby and none to Emma, which flares up some jealousy magic in her that we never knew she had. I didn't think Emma was even jealous of baby Neal, but it showed big time in this episode. I understand where Mary Margaret is coming from, though. She doesn't want to miss out on a single thing, since she basically missed out on Emma's. But if she's not careful, she'll miss out on Emma's life too.

All the while, the Snow Queen is planting another evil trap. I knew that her still in the library/clock tower was some sort of trap, I just didn't know what the whole part of her plan was. She sure knows how to push peoples buttons to the point of them lashing out or worse. That's just what she wanted to do to Emma. Get her alone so her magic goes awry and I think Ingrid was the one who wanted to try to save Emma, though, we all knew that wasn't gonna happen since Emma doesn't trust the woman. 

Well, part of the Snow Queen's plans did work. Emma is now out of control and doesn't want anywhere near her family after she somewhat hurt David and they all looked at her afraid. Elsa totally knows how Emma feels and makes the rest of the family realize how they acted was horrible.

The Fairy Tale world also showed us why there are just two sisters and not three. The fiance of the one sister ended up being a total jerk (kind of reminded me of Hans a bit) and tried to hit on Ingrid and make her sisters think it was her who did it. Of course, the one sister totally knew that couldn't possibly happen (makes me wonder if she was watching the whole time and they didn't know it) and so this part kind of still has me confused. Why after finding out the guy was a total jerk, did the sister save him from an attack on Elsa? Course, maybe she thought she'd be a shield and wouldn't get hurt, but that didn't work out. She actually ended up dying and the other sister didn't believe Ingrid for a second and trapped Ingrid in the urn! But I wanna know how Ingrid got out?

I still think the whole idea of Henry working for Rumple is a bad idea. It seems to be going ok for now, but either Henry will stumble on something he shouldn't and it'll turn ugly there or Rumple will use Henry or something. I hope it won't turn out bad, but I just have a funny feeling it might.

Regina and Robin, where to begin. Robin has decided to forget about his marriage and being devoted to his wife and trying to bring her back and be with Regina. Not that I think he could have re-fallen in love with his wife anyways, but still, this isn't exactly the way to go about it. Though Regina still deserves some happiness at least.

What's up with the yellow ribbons? Do they really hold magic or is that just something Rumple said? Like the thing with Hook's hand? But Rumple finally gets the last clue he's looking for for his getting free from the dagger and of course we don't get to hear what that is. From the looks of it, he doesn't seem to want to totally do it. The trolls are the ones who have the memory potion. So that sort of explains that, but how did Ingrid get it and why would she want to use it on people she supposedly cared about? I guess she wanted to try to make a fresh start, but it's still going horribly wrong for her.