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Person Of Interest "Pretenders" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Protecting their new number this week was fun, dangerous and some what of a mystery. Though, I knew because if you watched the preview, it gave it away on what their new number was doing. Almost a reason for me to stop watching previews. Sometimes, they give a bit too much away and it's like "Why give something like that away?!". Anyways, it was still fun. The action did not disappoint and not to mention the guy was hilarious. He was basically a wanna be John, but kind of bad at it.

So, the reason why he became a fake cop, was because he was researching a suicide for a girl he liked. The victim turned out to be her brother and she didn't believe for a minute that her brother would kill himself. She was right and he was on the right path, which put him in horrible danger.

Shaw has to take the lead and be Harold. Who grumbles at first, having to take over, but she starts to make a little home for herself in their new hide out and it seemed to me that towards the end, she totally loved being the eyes and ears of her team. 

Harold has gone on a mission of his own, though I didn't know that right away. I kind of figured it might be something like that. Harold wouldn't just drop everything to go to some place. Thought this meeting with the new lady, was just by accident, but Harold all along knew that she was working for Samaritan. I was thinking that there was going to be more with her, but I was thinking it was gonna be a new love interest for Harold, so I was shocked when they revealed that she was working for the bad guys and Harold did that whole "thief" set up to steal her laptop to get info from her on what she knows! Pretty sly there Harold. Could the Machine have had its own hand in sending Harold there? Is this a possible road of making up for Harold and the Machine? If so, it's about time!

So, back with John, Shaw and Fusco who are having a hard time keeping their new number safe once they learn that he's being a horrible fake cop. But this case and not to mention the gun fight at the end, just made the guy even more psyched about being "in the field". But I think this was the last case for him. It was sweet that at the end, he basically admitted to John that John was the man the suit and let him know that the town needed someone like him. Um...could John perhaps start going back to that more now? And the number said that he tried to create his own John, but as this episode told us, that didn't turn out too well. Thanks to all of the team, though, they were able to solve the fact that the girls brother didn't commit suicide and give her closure on that. Her brother in fact found out about a gun smuggling ring and that's what happened with that.

Ok, I so can not forget about the Elias/Dominick confrontation. Though it was somewhat lame now that I think about it, it did state something obvious. Elias is back and could he be back to his evil self as well or could "bonding", if that's what you wanna call it, with John and the crew have rubbed off and he won't be as terrible? Elias was always one of those characters where I wasn't sure if he was evil or good. Root is still one of those characters for me. Yes, even after all we've been through with her. Still, this episode was pretty good, even if it was just a filler.