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Person Of Interest "Prophets" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Is it just me or does Samaritan get more and more scary every time we learn something new about it? I mean, to rig elections all to get someone shot in the end was pretty creepy if you ask me. Now I understand why Harold worked so hard on his Machine and didn't want it to fall into the wrong hands.

Yep, election episode and this supposed smart guy that can figure out who's going to win and always has, has lost and he doesn't understand why. Now someone is after him to top it off. Because he's researching into why they lost and it's all because of Samaritan. Again, creepy! Harold should look at the two Machines and be like "Hey, my Machine actually didn't turn out too bad" and trust the thing again.

Anyways, Shaw is the one who's having to protect the new number because John is stuck in therapy for his too many shootings. How's he gonna keep his cover and explain them all? He also hates being stuck inside when the team could use his help. Which he eventually gets out of it, but still. I'm sure the therapist won't be happy for another shooting to add to his list.

It was really nice to see the flashbacks again. I have forgotten that we hadn't seen one in a while until they showed us one. This time it was Harold still trying to teach the Machine stuff. Once it learned too quickly or decided to take matters into its own hands, Harold would shut it down and start over. I did miss one part, though, because the stupid commercial break cut in wrong. But it looked to me that something caught on fire and almost hurt Harold and his partner with the Machine. 

For a minute there, I thought Root had gotten herself killed just because of how they were talking before and after it happened. So, I was actually surprised and happy when Root walked up to Harold at the end. A little banged up, but alive and well. Who knew I'd actually be happy she was alive?

Poor Harold had to lie to Simon and tell him that he was wrong and the election wasn't rigged and that there isn't some greater power in work. Must have been hard for him. I'm surprised he even went through with it. I guess that's better then having him know the truth, I guess. I'm still not sure telling him he was completely wrong was the right thing to do. Because haven't they secretly told people before that they were right about the Machine and it turned out fine? Or did Harold decide to do it this way since Samaritan is in charge now and he doesn't know how it'll react? But how awesome was it when Harold looked up to the camera and said "We need to talk"?! Hopefully it was his Machine that he was talking to and not Samaritan. I'm assuming it was, though. But still, has Harold had a break through? I hope he does, it's about time he trusts it again.