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Scorpion "Father's Day" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode hits home in more ways then one for Walter. Who has to help Gallo search for three convicts who escaped jail and one where Walter believed the whole time was actually kidnapped by the other two, only to throw us a shocker at the end.

Not only does he have to track them down, Walter has several flashbacks of when he first went to jail, how he helped Gallo with the attack that made him distrust the guy and how Gallo was like a father to him, which made the attack much worse. Walter's real father never understood him and his genius and I'm guessing his father wasn't much in the picture and that's why Gallo was so important to him.

At some parts, the flashbacks were making it hard for Walter to concentrate, but they were able to get through it and figure out the very surprising case that lead to some awesome action, as always.

Another father reappears as well. Ralph's. Paige is debating throughout the whole episode what she should do about the situation because Drew (her ex) really wants to meet their son, but she's afraid because of Ralph being so smart and such. Walter was immediately not happy about the whole thing. But I loved Happy's part the best. When she told Paige that it's probably better for Ralph to meet his dad, even if it would end badly, then for him to wonder all along like she has, what he's like. 

Which so happens to come to one of my favorite Happy/Toby scenes. Toby goes to such great lengths to try to help out Happy and be like hey "I like you" without actually having to say that. Also one of the reasons why it's hard for me to pick a favorite character too. Toby went and found files on Happy's parents! You think she throws them away, but in reality, she kept it and searched for them! The ending where she sort of had a reunion with her father, but he didn't know it, was pretty awesome and something I'm hoping will lead to more then just one little scene in one episode.

The guys are all worried for Ralph meeting his dad. Well, like I said, especially Walter. They decide that since Walter couldn't look into it, that meant that the other guys could look into Drew and let's just say they aren't happy with what they come up with and Toby especially isn't thrilled with how he reacted when they "met". And boy was Paige upset when she found that out!

In the end, Ralph and Drew finally do meet and it's pretty awkward. From Ralph, to Walter who you could tell was immediately jealous of Paige and Drew. Walter just doesn't know how to deal with those feelings. Well, I don't think anybody does, genius or not. 

Oh, in the end, the guy that they thought was kidnapped was the one who was actually the brains behind the whole thing! Well, of course he was brains, but he wasn't kidnapped. It was his plan all along and that made Walter distrust people even more. I wasn't expecting that outcome, but it did come to a pretty awesome action scene at the end, which I don't know how it totally played out, seeing as the commercial breaks cut it way too far and they were already walking out. But it was a pretty amazing episode and I am loving how they are taking this show.