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Scorpion "Risky Business" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Is it bad that I actually really like seeing Walter act like he did in this episode? Maybe it makes him more human? I don't know, but he is totally jealous of Paige hanging out with Drew. Well, she's not really hanging out with him, I think she's there for Ralph, but either way, Walter is jealous and he doesn't totally know how to handle this feeling, so he does something well, um, risky, as the title implies.

So, the risky business Walter has decided to get himself into, is street racing! I thought for sure the minute we saw him, this just had to be a case and I was a bit shocked to learn that it was something he decided to do. Toby, being Toby, immediately saw what Walter was doing. Trying to fix his problems by not even bringing up his problems, but of course, Walter denies this.

While all that is going on, they have an interesting new case. A music blogger dies. Why would someone want to kill him? Well, his friend, who they thought was a suspect at first, has the answer.

It's because his friend is the one who invented this music instrument to create the perfect hit song each time. Why would someone want to keep that a secret? Because it would totally ruin their career not to mention the label they work for. So, they would rather kill to keep that a secret then admit that they are basically a fraud. 

After getting poor Peyton (who is the friend of the guy that died) kidnapped, they were finally about to track down the bad guys. But not after almost getting hurt themselves. Poor Toby gets hung over a building, Walter bravely goes in and saves him while everybody else is trying to get out of the building. Happy buys everybody time until finally, they admit that they need Gallo's help and they catch the true killer. 

You'd think by now, they'd know to go to Gallo before they try anything like this since it always leads to someone, more then likely, Toby who almost gets hurts. But then again, there probably wouldn't be much of a show if it was always like that. 

Walter, at first, isn't willing to help Paige understand why Ralph would fail his math test when he could easily pass it. At the end, Walter finally let's her know that Ralph is trying to pass off as normal around his dad. It was cute that Walter also helped Drew and Ralph get on the same page and have something to talk about, though Walter still doesn't trust the guy. He's just afraid he'll up and leave eventually. I'm not sure if that'll be the case. 

Oh, the car business. Walter needed to get an actual car to trade (since he lost the race after almost hitting someone) instead of having a rental to race. Yeah, not totally smart thinking there and so Walter throughout the whole episode, is trying to get one. He eventually does, but I doubt this will be the last time we see the I guess, dangerous part of Walter.