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Scorpion "True Colors" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I'm hoping this episode was a turning point for the show. Not only did it have an action filled story line, but it showed a completely different side to Walter. It was nice to see that he has feelings. Well, of course he has feelings, but he's starting to show them now and it's all because of a certain someone that I called right from the beginning. Even before I actually sat down and watched the full first episode, I had a feeling something more was between them.

Their new case not only was it awesome, it had a surprise guest, too. Hetty! I was wondering how she was going to react to the team and how they were going to react to her. It actually didn't turn out too badly, but of course their whole plan went awry, so it ended not so smoothly or did it?

The ending was pretty awesome to boot, too. Did not see that coming. I thought for sure that they were going to get fired and arrested. While all of that is going on, it's also Halloween. Paige is wanting Ralph to go to the school party, but Ralph doesn't want to go because he doesn't know anybody.

Let's back it up a bit though. How we learned of the whole episode wasn't it's normal walk through story line. We first see the end and I knew it was going to be either one of those 24 hour earlier deals or something along that line. But because of what happened and all the team has gone through, they have to talk to a therapist. Seeing how each team member act was pretty funny. Paige was the one who finally started out the story. But watching Toby with her was probably my favorite. Since he is kind of like a therapist or something along those lines, that he tried to do the same back to her. Eventually, the whole team opened up about the events that followed.

It all started with a painting. One that Walter had no clue what the big deal was about over it. I couldn't believe how Walter acted at the art studio. Just completely ripping that art piece up! I thought he was gonna get jumped on or worse. But come to find out it was a fake. Still, not cool to just tear up a painting like that. 

Because of that incident, they get banned from the case. Does that stop them? Nope, they go back to Hetty to get fancy clothes for a party that they are going to set up a trap for the actual person who swapped the paintings. This part had to be the best. It's when my suspicions of Paige and Walter were confirmed when she had to teach him how to dance at the party and he loved it. Loved it so much that he interrupted the transmitting to keep it going longer! That was a surprise. Slowly, throughout the whole episode, Walter develops some sort of feelings for the case, but it's all because Paige is the one who was attached to the painting. Can you just say "aw"? It's cute to see Walter act around Paige because he has no clue how to react to these kind of feelings he's having. But for him to actually start to act, I don't know how to put it nicely, but to start to be more sensitive I guess to people around him because of Paige and those feelings, might be what he needs. Paige is clueless, at least I think she somewhat is, to how Walter feels about her. I just hope they don't take too long for something to happen. 

Their costumes at the end were the best! I especially loved Walter's. Simple, but perfect for him, being Agent Gallo. The costume they had for Ralph was really cute too, the giant brain. All their outfits sort of fit each person. Not too sure about if Happy's costume fit her exactly, but still, it was fun and cute that they all decided to go to the party with Ralph so he'd have someone there. 

Oh, so the bad guy ended up being the art caretaker at the beginning who stole the real painting, but the team actually didn't blow up the real painting. They returned it to the person that it actually belonged to and blew up the fake painting! Nice switch there! They also passed their therapist test. Surprised that they did, but Walter and the team oddly work well together. It was cute that the therapist said that Walter has created some sort of family for each one of his members. Even though Walter sometimes goes out on a limb, they trust him and that's all that matters to them.