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White Collar "Borrowed Time" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Something felt off about the season premiere. Though it could be because I'm sad and somewhat mad that they are ending this show already. Now that I look back at the episode, it was pretty good. However, I kind of wanted the kidnapping to go a little differently, but still, I'm just sad that the show is ending.

Throughout the whole episode, I got the feeling that Neal doesn't want this life to end. Why else would he be sending Peter these clues? Sure, his life was somewhat in danger, but Neal could have gone with the guy and could have gotten away from New York, which is what they want us to believe Neal wants. Neal has just always struggled with if he wants to leave or not. This time is a bit different, though, seeing as the FBI lied to him and wouldn't let their deal be done with since Neal's been good at catching bad guys.

Speaking of which, his new deal now is to catch the biggest crime group ever. But as the cliffhanger at the end lead us to believe, that Neal has something else up his sleeve. I wonder what that could be? All I hope is that they knew that this was gonna be their last season and are gonna end it properly. I.e. no cliffhanger. That would just be mean.

There was one thing I did suspect coming, but I was hoping I was wrong, that Peter would jump to the conclusion that Neal did, in fact, run. Thanks to Mozzie for pointing out how wrong Peter was, they finally start looking for some clues that Neal carefully left behind.

Rebecca was sort of the one who was in charge of the kidnapping. But it wasn't totally her. Her right hand man is the one who kidnapped Neal because he promised a big huge sting, but since Neal and the FBI got in the way of that, well, you can kind of guess from there what happened. 

Not only did they leave us with he fact that Neal has something up his sleeve that we have yet to know about and if it's good or bad, but they also left us with a shocking death. I thought that last conversation between Rebecca and Neal was too much of a goodbye. Too bad that he didn't realize it until it was too late. Rebecca killed herself! She would have rather taken her life then spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Now, there is a happy rainbow in all of this mess. I read the info and I was bit nervous when it said that Elizabeth receives some surprising news. However, I love the fact that they decided to let us know that she's pregnant! So did not see it going there. Finally, after all these years, there will be a baby suit running around. Too bad we won't get to see that baby, since it's the last season.