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Castle "Bad Santa" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

At first glance, this episode seemed like it was just gonna be another case by case episode with a nice easy ending. But if I had realized that this was going to be the fall finale before I watched it, then I wouldn't have been so shocked with the cliffhanger they threw at us. Well, I still would have been surprised, but I would have been prepared because all Castle fall finales have always had some major cliffhanger. Now we have to wait until the new year to find out what will happen. However, I'm not too terribly worried. Castle knows some people pretty high up, so maybe, just maybe things will get back to normal.

Their new case has a Santa shooting a guy and they have to try to figure out why. It all leads to a mob. Who Castle actually knows because he had to go to the guy to research stuff for a book Castle was writing at the time, so he thinks he has a way in.

Boy was he wrong. Well, not completely wrong, but since Castle did have an in to the group and Kate thinks that they already had their guy (the mob boss' right hand man), the mob boss decides to recruit Castle to help find out who the true killer was, without Kate knowing. Though of course, that didn't last long since it sounded to me that he told her everything.

This show took all different twist and turns, like it always does, until they finally land the last puzzle piece and slowly put everything together. The mob boss' daughter ended up having a thing for the son of another mob family. The guy that found out was working for them and just went from bad to worse when he tried to mend the guy after being shot. That's what got the guy killed. I think the other mob family thought that they were killing their real killer, in reality, they weren't.

It was nice at the end, that the dad of the daughter decided to let them out of the family business so they could be together. But here comes the horrible, sucker punch of a cliffhanger. Because of Castle secretly working with the mob and not telling anybody about it, they've decided to pull his right with working with the department! Now, I know that's what the show is all about, so I'm hoping that Castle will call in that favor he has with the mob and they could possibly work something out then, but I'm not totally sure how it'll work out. He doesn't tell Kate, which I think is partly good and partly bad. I could see why he didn't want to tell her right then because he didn't want to ruin the holiday. But he can't keep something like this a secret for too long.