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Castle "Last Action Hero" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

One of the things I don't like, are spoofs on actual movies. Not that this was at all a spoof, you could (or at least I could) tell that the movie that it was all centered around was "Expendables". I think this is one of the first episodes of the new season I haven't totally enjoyed and just because of that small little thing. 

However, besides that going on, Kate is officially moving out of her place and into Castle's house. Which reveals some truths about Castle that we didn't know. He actually didn't like Kate's new place and she took offense to that and doesn't know why. It was cute seeing her and Lanie talk about it. We don't see their friendship much and so it's nice when we do see it.

Castle's favorite action hero ends up getting murdered and he's totally bummed. Though, it is cute seeing him being super excited on set and seeing all these stars that he has loved over the years. But once looking into Lance (the guy that died), Castle realized that his life long hero, was actually a lie. He spiced up his life. 

So, since all the back story of Lance was a fake, why would someone want him dead? As it turns out, the guy had a son, through someone that wasn't his wife, and the wife is the one that had him killed.

Because of them visiting a movie set, Ryan has been inspired to come up with a catch phrase. They were pretty hilarious and totally got on Espo's nerves, but it was cute, somewhat annoying, but still it was fun to watch those two "go at it" sort to speak. 

The final scene was touching. Kate saying her final goodbye to her house and carving her initials into a wall. It is sad that we will never see her house again. Like Lanie said, it was where she was able to start over. But Kate will be able to sort of "start over" again with her new life with Castle and I can't wait to see where that story leads.