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Goodbye 2014

As it gets closer to the end of the year, I'd like to look back at the amazing year that was 2014. A lot of important things have happened to some of the most beloved characters on each show that I've watched. Other shows that I love haven't been too great this season and I hope the next half of the season spices things back up a bit. Things have been amazing, so let's look back. 

Agents of Shield:

Man, what a crazy ride this show has taken right? I am not totally worried about this show getting renewed. Ok, maybe just a little, but with how the new season has gone, I'd be at least surprised if it didn't get renewed. From Grant going crazy psycho and getting in with Whitehal to the sad Fitz/Simmons part, it's been a wild ride. Oh, not to mention the crazy, sort of family reunion with Skye and her dad.


I didn't know how you were going to make Caskett work, but somehow you did. Some episodes weren't great, but with that cliffhanger you left us in the Christmas episode, I am not worried with how the rest of the season will go. I just love it how they got married and nothing seems to have changed one bit between them or their work. Well, now it has, but still, it's been an amazing ride and one that fans really deserved after all this time.

Covert Affairs:

Not to be mean, but I've been a bit disappointed in your second half of the season. Maybe it's because there was too long of a wait in between the second half of the season and I have forgotten the thrill of the story line or maybe it's just me and I'm just not into it this season. Here's to hoping 2015 will be better for you.

Hawaii Five-0:

Another show I haven't really been into. They've had a couple amazing episodes, but they've lost something. They did have an awesome 100th episode, that I totally loved and not to mention the killing of Wo Fat (let's hope he's dead this time), but the thing that still bugs me the most, is that Danny's story line has been dropped off the face of the earth. Let's just hope maybe they are just saving that for the season finale?

The Mentalist:

Finally! I've been a fan of "Jisbon" since day one and thought I was the only one who thought that there was something between them. Glad to know I was proven wrong with the cliffhanger they left us with. Granted, I haven't watched the newest season (um...I mean final season) yet, but sometimes when it's the end of a series, I like to wait until they are all recorded and have one big marathon of it.


Not too sure how much longer this show will last. I love Ellie, so nothing against her, but something changed when Ziva left and it wasn't for the better. I'll keep watching, though, but please have something more with Abby and her boyfriend or maybe McGee might return to the picture? Or give Tony a girlfriend. He hasn't had one in such a long time, it would be nice to see that for Tony again. 


Now you've been amazing! You started out strong and haven't stopped. Each week is such an amazing action packed episode that I am sad when the hour is up. Not to mention you gave all of us Densi fans the thing we've been waiting for for a long time and it was just in time for an early Christmas present. That was the best present a fan could ask for. Keep it up with episodes you've been doing this season and I have a feeling you'll be on for a long time. But please have Deeks become an NCIS agent. That would be nice.

NCIS: New Orleans:

The first time I saw the cast in NCIS, I loved them immediately. Like all shows, though, it took me a few episodes to really get into it and now I am loving it. It may not be the show I choose to watch first, but it is one I try to watch each week.

Once Upon A Time:

I was so excited when I heard about the Frozen story line. How you were going to make it work. Was it going to be like the movie or were you going to put your own little twist on things like you always do? Well, you did put your own little twist on it. Making it more like a Frozen sequel (and me thanking myself for watching Frozen before this started or else I'd have no clue what was going on), but other then that, it hasn't been as exciting as past seasons. I will keep watching, though. Though I am curious how Cruelle Devil is going to fit into this.

Person of Interest:

The Machine vs. Samaritan. Who's going to win this epic battle? I am thinking there might be some deaths whenever the battle actually takes place. Knowing this show, you never know. I would hope not, since I love the characters. Yes, I even sort of like Root and think the show would lose something without her, but I'm thinking something major is going to happen in the season finale, if not before that.

Pretty Little Liars:

What a crazy ride you've taken us fans on. From us thinking Ali was dead in season one, to now knowing Ali is alive and well and possibly crazy? I'm not sure what is going on in that head of hers. But there's something not right. Did she really kill Mona or was it Cece or was it someone we aren't ever expecting in a million years? I'm thinking it'll be the last one. Well, I'm hoping it'll be the last one. It'd be nice to find out who else is on the supposed -A team and another shocker like Ezra or Toby wouldn't be bad, either. Though finding out who -A is would be best. At least letting the fans know (like they did with Ezra), would be way exciting.


Aw, my newest obsession and it's all thanks to my Mom who if she hadn't seen the commercial, we would have never watched it. I loved it right off the bat. It had genius' trying to fit it, a love interest I saw right off the bat (Waige - Paige and Walter) and not to mention the edge of your seat action. Man, I still can't believe how intense they made that Christmas episode! I have a feeling that at this rate, this show is gonna have one amazing cliffhanger and I'm totally hoping it's going to get renewed.


Louis, what are you going to do now that you know Mike is a fraud? I never know what that guy has up his sleeve. One minute I like him, the next minute I wanna slap him. I liked him the whole season and then he did that horrible blackmail with Jessica. Though, I don't think Jessica was right in firing Louis anyways, but still, that's not totally the point. 2015 can't come soon enough.

White Collar:

A show I believe ended way too early. Though I hear that the series finale was beyond amazing and I can't wait to watch it, I'm still mad that they decided to end the show. Yes, I haven't watched it yet. But like I said, I sometimes like to wait until all episodes are recorded and then have a marathon and other times it just works like that because I've been too busy to get caught up. :)

The Readers:

Not a TV show, but I've gotta thank my readers for tuning into my blogs. You've helped my blog reach new goals this year and it wouldn't be here without you guys, so thank you and I hope you have an amazing 2015!