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Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 1

Wow, wow, wow, wow, I am blown away at how amazingly awesome this movie was! Well worth the wait and I actually love where they left off. They made everything pretty much how I visioned it in my head. However, there was one part that I was dreading, ok two parts. 

Peeta, aw Peeta. :( I'm so glad I read the book because of what happens to him. I won't go into too much detail, but if he's your favorite and you haven't read the books, just bring tissues. I knew Josh Hutcherson was gonna be amazing at his role, but he pretty much blew me away every time I saw him, especially in the last few scenes.

Jennifer Lawrence was pretty much the same as well, meaning amazing. When is she ever not? Though I haven't watched a whole bunch of movies she's in. Mainly these ones, but man, I still enjoy her on screen.

Towards the end, I was dreading thinking where are they gonna end this movie? I had a thought and I actually thought I was right and thank goodness it didn't end where I thought it was going to. It left a cliffhanger, but not a big one.

They just completely out did themselves with this movie, in a good way, to where I almost want to go see it again. Though, when to find time, I don't know. But it was amazing. I'm actually glad that they put this into two movies. There's so much that happens in the last book and this way they can put more stuff into it. 

So yeah, I guess that's pretty much it without giving away the whole movie. Though if you read the book, it pretty much follows that. If you haven't, just be prepared and may the odds be ever in your favor.

My Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars