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NCIS "Grounded" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

We finally get to meet Ellie's husband and I really liked him! The episode was pretty interesting too. Ellie, Jake (Ellie's husband) and Tony get stranded at the airport because of a snow storm that comes in and then there's a suspicious character that Ellie knows from somewhere. Only we know they are bad since we saw him kill someone in the beginning that he looked like the person he killed. But why kill someone? 

It turns out that the guy was an air marshall, but still, why would someone want to impersonate someone like him? Because one of the connecting flights had a criminal on it that someone wanted to get to.

Jake finally gets to see how his wife works and he actually doesn't like the fact that she has changed and is carrying a gun and looking suspiciously at stuff, etc. But through the whole case, they learn how to relate better.

Tony actually didn't have to be at the airport after all. His dad forgot to tell him that he forgot to board the plane. Not too surprising there. Though I would have liked to have seen his dad again.

Not too much other then that. I kind of hope that they have a story line soon. Not that I mind the case by case episode, but I miss the episodes where we had a story line for a good three to four episodes. I hope we get that soon.