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NCIS "House Rules" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The season has felt kind of eh, so far. But I totally loved this Christmas episode. Not only was it a famous "feature a certain character" episode, it had amazing flashbacks! Though the flashbacks made me realize how much the show has changed and miss certain characters a lot, it really tied the story line together.

McGee being in the spotlight for once was awesome. However, the "letter" he was writing to his dad ended up being his eulogy at the end. Though I guess I kind of should have known that was coming, since Abby brought up a couple of times how his dad was doing and then there was that phone call saying his dad had cancelled his last surgery. But still, why did this show have to end on a sad note when I had fun throughout the whole episode?

McGee was also in charge of the new case, which he hates being in charge. Not as much as he hates breaking Gibbs' rules, which is what this episode was focused around and which is why they had so many brilliant flashbacks. 

Their new case is the fact that someone has shut down the Internet. Then it comes back on in just a little bit, but why? What was the hackers motives? That's what the team try to figure out and they do. The hacker wants to try and hack government emails to spill state secrets. 

So, to try to track down the hacker, they bring in hackers they've previously put in jail and who didn't love seeing those three again? They were hilarious. And when push comes to shove, McGee can be a pretty good interrogator, since he got the one lady, Heidi, to finally tell them where the real hacker was.

Even though it ended on a sad note, I was reminded how amazing of an actor Sean Murray is. We don't get to see him be too deep or see his acting skills too often and when we do, it's refreshing. Having McGee be the head of the Christmas episode and reviewing all the house rules was the perfect Christmas gift to fans.