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NCIS: LA "The Grey Man" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

A homeless man who used to be a Marine is found dead. If he supposedly gave up the life of a Marine, why would someone want him dead? That's the mystery to be solved by the awesome team known as NCIS: LA.

Another amazing action packed episode which turns very interesting. The supposed homeless man that was killed, wasn't actually homeless. In fact, he was undercover. He never went crazy, like they lead everybody to believe.

He is known as the Grey Man. Someone who doesn't put roots down anywhere. Which makes Callen wonder, is he a grey man? I don't think his friends would ever let him get to that point, since it seems pretty lonely, but there are too many things that he has that wouldn't let him be one. Well, it helps that it sounds like he is still dating that girl Sam set him up with. That was a nice update there. Wish we saw her more, though.

The homeless case hits home for Kensi, though. I had no idea that Kensi went out on the streets after her father died. Well, I don't think she wanted anybody to know. Love the bonding moment again with Deeks and Kensi. It was so sweet and awesome to know that Deeks has her back. But Kensi didn't want him to see that dark side of her. Which makes me wonder even more if they are dating, just secretly. 

Oh, the whole thing with Sam and his daughter having a cellphone was hilarious! I could understand why Sam would want to get his daughter a cellphone, but she is almost over using it to the point of him getting annoyed every time she calls, but of course, he puts up the front and acts like everything is ok. Callen thinks it's cute? Well, more of a teasing kind of way. So to get him back for that, Sam gives his daughter Callen's cellphone so she can bug him now! That was too funny.

So the good guy they found, ended up being the bad guy. Did not see that coming. Well, he wasn't a total bad guy. He was doing it because of his girlfriend and her daughter being held captive by the bad people and if he didn't go through with it, they would have died. Callen and Sam do come to the rescue, though, so it's all good.