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NCIS: LA "Reign Fall" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Very interesting episode. Their case turned out to be something completely different then what I was thinking it was going to be like. Someone was apparently targeting military people, but why?

I actually felt sort of sorry for the kids that were the ones who were doing all these things. All because of their strict father that they had while growing up. They were in military schools, but only because their dad wanted them there. So, the one boy targeted the strict fathers to punish them for what they were doing to their sons.

It was a pretty intense episode that made Sam reflect on his past with his father and what he as a dad is doing as well. Even after all this, he's still thankful for what his father has done. Even if his dad didn't go the right way about doing things. But it made Sam call him to check up on him.

Loved the scene when Kensi and Deeks go to meet the athlete and it turned out that Deeks actually knew what Kensi has been talking about. Just another one his annoying little things he does to her. Just love their friendship/romance so much. Because he ended up knowing the athlete.

Sam threw a Disney themed party for his daughter and Callen is racking his brain trying to figure out what character Sam would have shown up as. Naming off all these different characters and I couldn't even begin to guess what Sam would have dressed up as or if he even dressed up as someone. But as it turns out, he dressed up as the monster from Monsters Inc.! It was perfect for him and I love the fact that he does this stuff for his daughter. It's so cute and I just love seeing that side of him.