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NCIS: New Orleans "Love Hurts" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Love triangle gone wrong is an understatement in the new episode of NCIS: New Orleans. Especially since the girl in the love triangle never existed in the first place. So, what's really going on? Something much bigger then they had originally thought.

It was such a surprise to learn that the girl that these two guys had fallen head over heal for (one who turned out to be a dangerous stalker and the other was gonna purpose!) never even existed. That was a twist I did not see coming and that's not the last of them in this episode.

Could there be a mini story line starting with Chris? We learn that he has a brother who he actually starts to look for again, but the first trail he finds, ends up being a dead end already. Chris' brother is bad. But this episode made him rethink about ignoring him. I hope that something develops with that and we will eventually see his brother.

Their interesting case turns deadly when they realize that someone wanted to bomb a place that had Navy officers in it. I thought that Chris' friend was gonna be in trouble at the end there, but thank goodness they both got out of there just in time before the bomb blew up. And they got the bad guy, um..I mean girl. 

Sebastian is pretty awesome. He has this supposed girlfriend that he's afraid to meet in real life. But thanks to Pride, he was able to talk Sebastian into actually meeting her and so far everything seems to be going good and I really liked her. It was cute that Sebastian had her meet the whole team at the end. I hope this isn't the last time we see her.