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NCIS: New Orleans "Stolen Valor" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Not bad for their first Christmas episode and I'm so glad it ended on a happy note. I needed something happy after that sad ending for NCIS. But I still feel like they just did this sort of story line on the LA one, so I was a bit bored by that part, but the other part of the episode was good and different.

But didn't the LA episode just two weeks ago have someone that was a SEAL hunter for fake SEALs too? That's what bugged me is that they seemed to be on totally the same page. It was still a good case, but I feel like they could have done something different that another episode hadn't just done. Maybe it was just different and I didn't think it wasn't, but I felt like it was the same.

I'm glad that the case ended early so they could concentrate on finding the remains of the body of the guy who they thought was dead. I'm so glad it ended the way I was hoping it ended. Like I said, I wanted a cheerful episode after the one I had just watched.

In the end, the guy they thought had died in battle, actually didn't. He was captured by people to make detonators and Chris and Pride were able to find him in time before something bad happened to him and he and his family were able to have a happy Christmas.

I think this made Chris reconsider his whole family issue. Not too sure what happened, though he did sort of fill us in. His brother decided to run away from home a long time ago. But I felt like there was more to it then what Chris was saying. Seems to be turning into some what of a story line that I'm curious to see what the out come will be.

I'm not sure how I feel about the new girl that helped them on the case or if there's something between her and Chris. They sort of hinted that there might be something, but I felt like they were just more friends then anything else. Of course, I am hoping that something will happen between him and Brodie, so that could be partly why I'm not too thrilled with this possible new development, but we will see how it goes and what happens with that.