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NCIS "The Searchers" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Aw yes, Ellie's evaluation time has come and she thinks she did well, but she was wrong. Her score did rank high, but then she found out that ranking high  from Gibbs is like Gibbs telling them to pack up and go home which threw her off her game and made her loose a very important suspect.

Didn't totally enjoy the case itself, but I liked the rest of the episode. Mainly because we finally learn after all these episodes, why Gibbs treats Ellie differently. It's because he's afraid of how he treats people and that's why they end up leaving. So, he decided to go easy on Ellie and try to do it that way, which wasn't working at all.

By the end of the episode, they finally get on the same page, but not after Ellie makes one terrible mistake and I thought Gibbs was gonna go at her for letting a suspect get away.

Tony with the cat was hilarious. I knew that something bad was gonna happen with that, but I didn't want the cat to end up running away. However, we learned that Tony also has a fish named Ziva! Now he has Kate and Ziva! How awesome is that? But I think that if either lady found out about that, Tony would be sorry for it. I don't think they'd appreciate being named after a fish, but it's still cute.

Jimmy is getting so much screen time lately and I'm loving it! I almost wonder if he's bored in the basement? It's unlike him to want to come up and just start chatting. Maybe he just has a lot on his mind with the baby coming, who knows. But it's still cute and I love it since I feel like Jimmy is one of those characters who deserves more screen time.

I like the fact that they are slowly bringing up Ziva, but sometimes not totally mentioning her. I hate it when shows completely ignore a character when they leave. Ziva was important to each and every one of them, so it's nice that they are doing this. Of course Gibbs is gonna have a harder time to admit that he misses Ziva because it's just Gibbs, but still, it's just nice that they are doing this. I still wish that Ziva would just make an appearance or something on the show. That'd be awesome!