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Once Upon A Time "Smash The Mirror" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

First, I was thinking "Oh, thank-you ABC for doing a 2 parter because then there won't be a cliffhanger". But I was wrong. Not even sure why they did the two parter. There was still a cliffhanger, but it was a pretty amazing episode, so I'm sort of glad they still put them together.

So, Emma is still upset about how her family treated her after she used magic to almost hurt David and then she hurt Henry when he was brave (as always) and tries to help her out, but he didn't react like Snow and Charming did. I think if she had let him come close, it would have been fine, but she was scared and didn't want to hurt him again.

She's so scared, that she's willing to go to Mr. Gold for help! I knew that was a bad idea. Especially since he has to hurt her for him to get the last puzzle piece to get out of the dagger. Though you can clearly tell he hates doing this, which I think is kind of cool that he has changed like that. Maybe not fully changed, but there's still something working inside him making him different.

The first person to warn Emma of Mr. Gold's betrayal probably shouldn't have been the first person to do it. But she did it because she wants to create a family. Yep, the Snow Queen herself is the one that warned Emma of the trap she's walking into, but does she listen? Nope. I think the warning would have come better from like Hook or someone like that. Ugh, the mentioning of Hook just made me remember what happened to him. 

Since I did bring him up, let's talk about that horrible fate he finds himself in now. Hook, being the brave one and being in love with Emma, wants to try desperately to save her from making a mistake. But it cost him dearly. Not only is he in debt to Mr. Gold now, but Mr. Gold also has Hook's heart and is gonna control him! Emma knew immediately that something was off when they were reunited, but she didn't know what it was. I hope she can hopefully figure it out soon before something terrible happens.

So yes, Emma finally listens to herself and of course, Elsa who gets to Emma in time and realizes the true source of controlling her powers. Not by getting rid of them, but by accepting who she is. Glad someone was able to get to Emma before she disappeared to who knows where.

The Snow Queen, she is trapped inside her ice castle now because Mr. Gold wants her out of the way. The spell he has only lasts a few hours, so the Snow Queen was still able to get what she wanted. The yellow ribbons on herself and Elsa and Emma. Not exactly sure what they do at this point. All I know is that they don't come off once they are put on.

The Snow Queen also had to do with the fairy tale world. She was trying to get rid of the hat and figure out how she can start a new family, so she goes to the owner of the hat. Well, sort of. But I believe the person she was talking to, the apprentice, might actually the be source himself, he just won't say. He tells of two sisters like herself, Elsa and Emma, but they aren't born yet, so it'll be a long wait. The Snow Queen, of course, is willing to wait.

Oh, forgot to talk about Robin and Regina! Loved how Mary Margaret was the one who actually helped Regina see that there's hope in everything, she just has to have it. The minute she started believing that, it actually worked (and yes, she owes Mary Margaret a dime now - I love the fact that Regina has to owe her something). Robin was looking in the library and he realized he had a paper. A page that was torn out. Well, not really. It was a page that was replaced with Regina walking away from Robin the first night she saw him. But the page that would have gone in, was her and Robin actually kissing! I thought that part was pretty cool and now hopefully Regina can either have a happy ending or at least have hope now that she found that.