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Person Of Interest "Honor Among Thieves" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Shaw gets a sort of love interest in this new episode, when their new number, Tomas, is a jewel thief who's number is up. But is he a good guy or a bad guy? Shaw doesn't totally care since she likes him like right away.

With Shaw being in the lead this time, we hardly see John in this episode and I don't like it when he takes a back seat like that. Since he is my favorite character, I like to see more of him, but it's not bad when Shaw has to step up and be under cover because I like Shaw too.

Harold and Root had to work together again to shut down something that Samaritan had created and again, totally made me creeped out by the new machine. The machine wanted this guy to create these tablets and send them out to all school kids. Didn't seem so bad, but Harold thought it was horrible because this was just another way for Samaritan to control people and so he and Root had to shut down the company. Harold had second thoughts after that. Wondering if they did it too soon and it was just a harmless gift to people, but I think they did the right thing, even if it meant shutting down something a guy had worked so hard to create.

Shaw flirting with their new number was pretty awesome, but she hated it when Root butted in to the point of her shutting her off! I never know what kind of relationship they have.

In the end, they save the number, Shaw offers Tomas a job, but he doesn't want to stay. He does offer her a job, though, but she doesn't want to go. I'm still holding out some hope that perhaps Shaw and John like each other, but I'm not sure if that's totally evident anymore. I felt like it was in the beginning when she first came on, but now I feel like it's being directed somewhere else. Oh well, I still love the show, just wish that John would get a love interest. That would be nice.