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Person of Interest "Point Of Origin" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I'm not totally enjoying the whole brotherhood story line. It was a good episode and all and they finally know Dominic's true identity, but still, I like the Machine vs. Samaritan story line better. 

Their new number, Silva, is apart of John's academy training. But we slowly learn that all isn't as it seems with Silva. She is impressive, but only because she's done this training already. Why? Because she's an undercover IA agent looking for a mole in the program. Though it all went around to Dominic being the true boss in charge and trying to claim the city as his own.

It was pretty evident from the beginning that John liked Silva, but I wasn't sure why. She seemed a lot younger then him, so it couldn't be an, well, at least I hope it wouldn't be, an attractive type like. When we found out why he liked her, it just made me go "Aw!". Silva reminded him of Carter a lot. How sweet is that? I just love it that they still bring her up once in a while.

Almost didn't recognize the therapist the first time we saw her. I'm still not sure what her point is of the show. Either she's bad and is secretly working for Samaritan or she's going to be a new love interest for John, or I guess it could be both. Since I felt like after the John saving Silva moment with the therapist there, she definitely started to have different feelings for John. Though, her randomly showing up while John was tracking Silva, I thought was a bit odd and made me wonder if there's way more to her then we think.

The mole ended up being Alex, the guy that was always asking Silva out on a date or to hang out. He thought he was getting help for his uncle or protecting his uncle from Dominic when all along, this was just to help Dominic himself in getting one step closer in controlling the town and completely shoving Elias out of the picture. Speaking of Elias, he will be their new number, again. How are they going to protect someone they don't even trust and who now has a very large target on his back? 

Oh, almost forgot that Samaritan is getting super close at identifying Shaw! Though, the blonde hair lady, who seems way way creepy, has officially found out Shaw. Now that they have figured out who she is, what does this mean for Shaw? Hopefully nothing bad because I really love her character. After killing off Carter, I never know how this show will go about with their stars. Let's just hope, that they won't throw a shock like that again to fans for at least a little while.