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Pretty Little Liars "How The 'A' Stole Christmas" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at you own risk!*

You know, I wasn't sure how the Christmas episode was going to go like. It was either going to be super creepy or lame and cheesy, but it was actually a happy medium and one I felt that was well worth the wait.

First, I wanna talk about how cool it was to see Mona as a ghost! I already knew that was coming so to see her like that wasn't quite as scary. Though Mona as a ghost is more awesome and like yes, she's getting revenge, then scary. Her part was more of like "It's A Wonderful Life". Showing Ali kind of key moments from her past life and future to come that actually scared Ali. Sort of scared me at the end, too, but yeah.

The ball/party whatever it was, was beautiful. I love the fact that Lucas is helping the girls again. Well, I guess I should say that he's actually helping them this time. Glad to see he's on the right side of things. Holbrooke was way more creepy then normal. And to possibly know that he might have been the one who was kissing Ali makes it worse. I kind of figured they knew each other just because of the phone call they had when he was tracking her down, so I guess I'm glad to know my suspicion was confirmed on that one. Jenna and Sydney are part of Ali's new crew now! Are they to be trusted though? According to Sydney, yes, but I'm not too sure about that. Oh and who was Ali talking to? That didn't look like Cece.

I loved Mona even more that she left her friends clues to helping track down who killed her and if Ali really is bad. However, after watching this and her seeing her friends at the end through the window, made me wonder if perhaps she isn't the one who is doing all of this. Well, that and the fact that her mom left a pretty big clue "they are coming for you and it's all my fault". Did she mean her friends or whoever killed her? Maybe Ali's mom got into some bad business and it's coming back to haunt them? I don't know, all I can do is wonder at this point seeing as this episode left me with more questions then answers. Though all episodes seem to do that. Unless it's a major season finale episode where they finally decide to let us fans in on some things that are going on.

Anyways, so yes, the girls now have a secret map of Ali's house showing them where she hid things, which is a big help in clearing Spencer's name in Bethany's murder. Especially when Hanna found a letter that proved Ali knew Bethany. Though again, I don't believe Ali is the one who's actually done all the killings. Maybe she knows who has though?

The girls' plan is to watch Ali at the party to make sure she stays there and Spencer and Hanna break into Ali's house and try to find as much stuff as they possibly can. But Ali, being Ali, was always one step ahead of them (or maybe it was -A?) and had decoys around the dance floor and they lost Ali. The one thing that I didn't think they fully thought through is that the one person that was keeping track of the house, couldn't actually go in and save them if they needed help. Why didn't they have Toby at the party? Anyways, I still love Toby, it was just weird that they had him there instead of someone else. Because someone else would have been helpful when -A decided to try and hurt one of the girls. Thank goodness nothing bad happened, but it made for a very exciting and somewhat scary scene. 

Now that that's all said and done, they have Christmas to enjoy. Of course, Christmas wouldn't be complete without a creepy message from -A. The roads are closed and so they are all stuck at Spencer's house. Where Spencer's family is, I have no clue, but at least they all had each other. Emily was pretty bummed that she couldn't be with her parents, but it was still nice. Until -A decided to ruin it with that Christmas tree out front.